Kiosque Delightful pastries and coffee in the neighborhood

Tuesday, April 16 2024

Opening Times

Wednesday to Friday 17-22
Saturday 10-22
Sunday 10-17


Beim Grünen Jäger 14
20359 Hamburg-Schanzenviertel
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+49 40 854 037 80

If "hygge" had a taste, it would probably taste like these delicious cardamom knots from Sweden. With its unique aroma, the classic Swedish pastry is baked in Hamburg like hardly anywhere else, as at Kiosque am Grünen Jäger.

Made from sourdough with a long fermentation process and adorned with blue cornflower petals, this delicious snack pairs ideally in the morning or afternoon with freshly brewed La Cabra filter coffee. Hamburg gastronomer Fabio Haebel, who also runs the XO Seafood Bar and the Michelin-starred restaurant Hæbel, has reimagined his former bakery Baegeri with Kiosque.

High-quality baked goods are still produced here in the open bakery: St. Pauli Loaf with a crispy crust, wonderful Franzbrötchen, of course, quiches, and cakes. On weekends, freshly baked sourdough bagels are available, which are simply delightful, either plain with a bit of cream cheese at home or deliciously topped on-site.

From the white-tiled coffee bar as the centrepiece, Kiosque also offers various meticulously crafted coffee specialities and excellent matcha. Colourful tomatoes on Danish rye bread or French toast, also known as "arme Ritter," made from buttery Shokupan and topped with seasonally changing toppings, taste excellent for breakfast or brunch.

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Kiosque Bäckerei Café Hamburg-1
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For special occasions, there might also be a fish sandwich, and on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from five o'clock, the location transforms into an Italian restaurant with wine, pasta, and pizza.

However, as the name Kiosque suggests, the place sees itself as more than just a coffee bar, brunch spot, wine bar, or restaurant. Haebel envisioned it as a place of community and, thus, a meeting point for the neighbourhood - a kiosk, indeed. Accordingly, one can also purchase sweets, magazines, selected wines, and, of course, incredibly good coffee and fantastic buns here. But we also gladly come just for the cardamom knots.

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Kiosque – Delightful pastries and coffee in the neighborhood
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