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Tuesday, February 06 2024

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Friday: Isemarkt
Saturday: Marie-Jonas-Platz


Randstraße 1-5
22525 Hamburg
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+49 176 47102563

A delicate saltiness, a subtle sweetness and tender, fresh meat - oysters taste like the essence of the sea. Whether with a squeeze of lemon, a spoonful of fresh vinaigrette or simply on their own, Joost Becken and Marco Schnackenberg have been cracking shellfish en masse at Hamburg's weekly markets for five years - and bringing the flavour of the North Sea to the Hanseatic city.

In the meantime, they have made a name for themselves as absolute experts in oysters and seaweed, which they source super fresh from the Dutch Oosterschelde National Park. In order not to jeopardise the wild stocks and the sensitive ecosystem, the guys from the North Sea attach great importance to preserving the seafood and algae exclusively through sustainable fishing methods.

In extensive, natural oyster reefs around the Groningen region, the wild oysters and seasonal seaweed are therefore collected by hand by local fishermen. The nature reserve has excellent water quality, and the seafood quality is correspondingly high.

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In addition to wild oysters from the North Sea and hand-cut North Sea seaweed, AusterRegion also offers hand-dived scallops from Norway, delicious Gillardeau or crystallised oysters and other fresh seafood such as vongole, mussels, razor clams and fresh white tiger prawns.

The sustainable fishing methods and uncompromising freshness impress not only market visitors at the Isemarkt on Fridays and at Marie-Jonas-Platz in Eppendorf on Saturdays but also private caterers and top gastronomy professionals. Joost and Marco now also supply restaurants such as the XO Seafood Bar, Wolfs Junge and the Berlin Michelin-starred restaurant Tulus Lotrek.

However, the healthy delicacy tastes particularly good with a cool glass of white wine or sparkling champagne at the weekly market. Freshly cracked by Joost or Marco, of course. The two of them also prepare other mussel dishes such as pan-fried moules marinière and flambéed scallops fresh from their market stall. You can literally smell the sea.

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AusterRegion – Savour delicacies at the weekly market
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