Fadda Authentic Sardinian Cuisine in Eimsbüttel

Thursday, January 23 2014

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Monday till Friday 12.00-22.00
Monday till Friday 11.00-19.00
Saturday 10.00-16.00 Uhr


Heußweg 90
20255 Hamburg-Eimsbüttel
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+49 40 432 08 50

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I want to go to Sardinia. I've been wanting to go there for a while but now that I know what it tastes like, my yearning to visit has grown even bigger. Restaurant Fadda in Eimsbüttel is what finally convinced me. Here you'll find exclusively authentic Sardinian cuisine: solid, made with fresh ingredients and just infinitely delicious. Fausto Fadda hails from Barbagia, that rocky plateau in Sardinia's East. His wife Susanne is a true Flensburger.

And maybe this very combination of North and South is their secret ingredient to success, because they've been serving up typical Sardinian cuisine as well as delicate specialty foods and wines from the mediterranean island for 17 years now.

I first devote myself to Fadda Speciale, a big appetizer plate. Asparagus with dried tuna roe (Botaga di Tonno) and scampi with scallops on fennel staged next to goat milk cream cheese covered in almonds and marinated salmon. And what a beautiful variety it was, I will never bypass the appetizer again!


When it came to my choice of entrée I trusted the first lady's favourite dish: Malloreddus alla campidanese - a kind of Sardinian pasta with fresh Salsiccia, saffron, tomatoes and Peccorino. My friend was just as satisfied and immersed himself into his Culurgiornes, chunks of potato filled with mint and cheese. Both mouth-watering! Normally, we would've stopped right there, but we just couldn't resist that Torrone-Parfait.

It's not only the cozy atmosphere that defines Fadda: the rustic wooden tables, the hand-woven baskets on the wall, the brilliant bottles of wine in the shelf. It's also the owners' presence, their friendly openness and their willingness to cater to any special orders.

I'm absolutely smitten by the food served on beautiful wooden boards, everything is so natural, fuss-free and fresh. Until I book that flight to Sardinia, I will come back time and time again to get into that holiday mood.


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Fadda – Authentic Sardinian Cuisine in Eimsbüttel
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