Schokovida Chocolate Selection in Eppendorf’s Souterrain

Thursday, October 31 2013

Opening Times

Monday till Friday 10.00-19.00
Saturday 10.00-16.00


Hegestraße 33
20249 Hamburg-Eppendorf
.How to get there


+49 40 87 87 08 08

Berit Windisch and Oliver Rohlf’s friends are lucky. They’re practically obligated to constantly try the Hamburg chocolatier couple’s newest creations and well, that’s mostly good.

The couple opened up their beautiful little souterrain shop in 2004. Berit Windisch actually studied fashion design and Oliver Rohlf hails from the music business originally, has worked for record labels and music magazines. But in said year, both of them decided to dive into something new.

Good for all of us! For their friends as well as for all their customers who are lucky to have this chocolate haven to go to. You’ll find selected chocolates from France, Madagascar, the US and England. But Schokovida does not only adorn itself with borrowed plumes. In the back of the shop, chocolate is being made from scratch.

The couple has learned anything on chocolate and its manufacturing by themselves. With the support from one of Belgium’s best chocolatiers: Laurent Gerbaud. Chocolate bars by the names of Elbe Beach, Fish Head and A View on Alster have been the result of the cooperation between the chocolatiers, Gerbaud and graphic designer Jutta Drewes who designs their packaging with such love and attention for the details.

Schokovida-Schokoladengeschäft-Eppendorf (4)
Schokovida-Schokoladengeschäft-Eppendorf (1)
Schokovida-Schokoladengeschäft-Eppendorf (6)

The bread spreads are especially popular. Fiete and Käthe, the chocolate cream or the jam and honey variations Hansi, Butschi or Strawberry-Schorsch. All of them have one thing in common: they are made of only the best chocolate and maintain a strong bond with Hamburg. So my biggest thank you goes to Berit’s and Oliver’s friends: this stuff is so good, I could see you really made an effort trying!

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Schokovida – Chocolate Selection in Eppendorf’s Souterrain
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