The G&T Bar 100 kinds of Gin all in one bar

Thursday, August 08 2013

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The G&T Bar
Friedrichstraße 113
10117 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 173 521 93 78

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It's half past nine in a Tuesday night. The heat of the day is hanging over Friedrichstrasse and doesn't seem to fade. There is absolutely no reason to visit the G&T Bar on this day. Neither the touristy location, nor the fact that it's the middle of the week, and even less so the unusually high temperatures. Nevertheless I stick to my date and meet up with one my best girl friends, and the evening takes an unexpected turn…

It turns out the bar is situated in the backyard of the building and remains isolated from the crowds. The heat unloads in a tremendous outpour and the night becomes refreshingly crisp. And even the weekday reveals itself to be the perfect timing, our barkeeper was able to take all the time needed to explain to us all about our drinks and each and every kind of gin.

Of course you would expect a multitude of gins at a bar called Gin & Tonic but to have the choice between more than 100 different kinds exceeded any hopes I'd had. For years now, my friend had been looking desperately for a special lavender gin but couldn't find it anywhere. Until we came here. It's called Berkely Square and mixed with a mild Fever Tree Tonic it took her flying.


I chose one of the bar's specialties, which is a Tanqueray 10 flavored with 'Ivan', a homemade tea blend, and finished with Thomas Henry Soda, all right before my eyes. I am definitely not completely new to the Gin drinking scene but this mixture blew me away on two levels. Firstly because it's actually strong, and secondly because I have never, and I mean never, had a better drink without any sugar, syrup or juice added.

 And while my friend decides to go with the outstanding Gin Mare and a Fever Tree Tonic in the second round, I stick to my new favorite drink and I do not regret for a single moment that I chose the same composition over this gigantic choice of doubtlessly brilliant spirits. We swoon over the interior décor, talk about old times and completely miss out on the apocalypse taking place outside.

Inspired by the course of the evening, we leave the G&T bar several hours later. The thunderstorm rendered the streets sparkling. The air is crisp and clean, and Berlin shows off one of its most rare and exciting faces. What a night! What a bar!

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The G&T Bar – 100 kinds of Gin all in one bar
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