The City Menu at Bonvivant This is what will be served at Berlin Food Week 2021

Wednesday, September 01 2021

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Dinner & Drinks
Wednesday to Saturday: 6:00pm - open end


Bonvivant Cocktail Bistro

Goltzstr. 32
10781 Berlin-Schöneberg
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+49 176 617 226 02

We were in love with the Bonvivant in Schöneberg anyway. A contemporary and cosy interior, an excellent bar menu and highly delicious vegetarian cuisine. And - very importantly - the focus for the whole Bonvivant team is always on the well-being of the guest and having fun. That's how it should be.

You can imagine our delight at the Bonvivant's participation in the Berlin Food Week 2021. It is even increased thanks to reading this year's city menu. How could it be otherwise, a purely vegetarian menu will be served here from 20 to 29 September.

A special treat: some of the ingredients for the city menu at Bonvivant were collected by the kitchen team itself in the Berlin area. Regional at its best, especially since the route along which yarrow, cornelian cherry, redcurrant wood and wild apple were collected can even be found out during service. If you like, the Bonvivant offers an excellent cocktail accompaniment instead of wine. Enough adulation - here's the menu:

BFW Bonvivant Berlin Butternusskuerbis
BFW Bonvivant Berlin Johannisbeerholz
Nikodemus Berger Bonvivant Cocktail Bistro


Butternut squash with gochujang / sea buckthorn / sheep's milk / yarrow*.

Accompaniment: Apple cider vinegar / carrot / ginger / chilli (non-alcoholic)

Main course:

Parsnip with smoked yeast / quince / chervil / sunflower seeds / cornel cherries*.

Accompaniment: Anise / quince / absinthe / wheat beer


Blackcurrant wood* with almond / caramel / wild apple*

Accompaniment: apricot kernels / verjus / redcurrant / almond

3 course menu 45€ incl. accompaniment +29€

Note: Creating a sustainable menu weeks in advance also means that some ingredients may not be provided by the farmers from 20-26 September and small details of the menu may change by the time of the visit.

Translated by Alexander Brandes

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The City Menu at Bonvivant – This is what will be served at Berlin Food Week 2021
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