Berlin Food Week 2022 Foodies of all federal states, unite!

Wednesday, September 21 2022

Berlin Food Week 2022
10.-16. October 2022


City menus: Berlin and countrywide

House of Food: in the online shop, in the FrischePardies branches in Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, in the Binkini Berlin

It is finally time: the Berlin Food Week, is an annual event that no Berlin foodie should miss. Not only in Berlin but also beyond its borders, food enthusiasts can enjoy unexpected aroma worlds and an exceptional food festival flair in October.

From 10 to 16 October, Berlin Food Week 2022 will be as exciting as ever, inviting visitors to explore new worlds of enjoyment, open themselves up to unfamiliar ways of preparing food, and challenge their taste buds. The focus is - as always - fairness, sustainability and zero waste. The star of his year's festival is "New Meat", i.e. meat substitutes.

Staying true to their slogan "Think global, act local", the Food Week is once again looking beyond the "edge of Berlin's plate". Just like the previous year, restaurants from Berlin, other German cities and regions will also present special city menus at Berlin Food Week, for example, in Hamburg and Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart. This years focus is Austrian cuisine, which you can experience through various exciting events, for example, Alpine Sushi at the Wine Lobbyist.

This year we can also look forward to numerous exciting menus and food innovations on the theme of sustainability. For the second time, Berlin Food Week 2022 cooperates with the non-profit organisation Zero Foodprint. The initiative works with restaurateurs and their guests to promote a sustainable diet and healthy soils.

All restaurants participating in the city menu have each pledged to donate 1% of the turnover from the city menu to Zero Foodprint. Furthermore, as part of the motto "Vom Rinde verweht - New Meat", meat substitutes and other alternative protein sources will be the focus of the menus.  We are looking forward to lots of exciting creations for climate-friendly enjoyment, especially as some of our favourite Berlin restaurants are taking part again this year - for example, The Cord, Bonvivant, Terz, Lausebengel and The NOname!  In Hamburg, the Heimatjuwel and in Munich the Edelweiss!

Another pillar of the Berlin Food Week is the House of Food in Bikini Berlin, which will once again attract all those interested in new and innovative products. For the first time will the House of Food be on the move: exemplary Mini Houses of Food will be set up in each of the FrischeParadies branches in Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

Another returning highlight is The Miele Cooking School, which will be in Berlin and for the first time in Munich! Here, foodies and hobby chefs can learn tricks and tips from the latest gastronomy professionals in various workshops. This year's courses are themed "Cook the World" and offer participants unique insights into the fascinating culinary worlds of Colombia, India, Turkey, the Middle East and Austria. 

We are very much looking forward to this little ray of hope in autumnal October! 

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Berlin Food Week 2022 – Foodies of all federal states, unite!
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