Berlin Food Week 2021 Foodies of all federal states, unite!

Monday, August 09 2021

Berlin Food Week 2021
20.-29. September 2021


City menus: Berlin and countrywide

House of Food: in the online shop, in the FrischePardies branches in Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart, in the Binkini Berlin

Live-Food-TV: Sunday, 26. September,  11:00am - 4:00pm 

Berlin Food Week is actually an annual must-do for Berlin foodies. While it could not take place last year for well-known reasons, in 2021 we will finally be able to enjoy (not only) city-wide worlds of flavours and a very special food festival flair.

Although somewhat smaller than usual, the Berlin Food Week 2021 from 20 to 29 September is as exciting as ever and invites you to explore new worlds of enjoyment, open yourself up to unfamiliar ways of preparing food and challenge your taste buds. Especially since two themes are overriding the event this year: Sustainability and supra-regionality.

In keeping with the motto "Think global, act local", this year's Berlin Food Week is looking beyond the "edge of Berlin's plate". In concrete terms, this means that for the first time this year restaurants from other German cities and regions will present their city menus at Berlin Food Week, for example in Hamburg and Munich.

While in recent years the overriding theme of the city menu was a fixed motto or even a specific food, this year we can look forward to numerous exciting menus and food innovations on the theme of sustainability. To this end, Berlin Food Week 2021 is cooperating with the non-profit organisation Zero Foodprint, which is making its first appearance in Germany this year. The initiative works together with restaurateurs and their guests to promote a sustainable diet and healthy soils.

To this end, the restaurants participating in the city menu have each pledged to donate 1% of the turnover from the city menu to Zero Foodprint. We are already looking forward to lots of exciting creations on the topic of climate-friendly enjoyment, especially since some of our favourite Berlin restaurants are participating again this year - for example The NOname and Bonvivant! Also particularly promising: the Kitchen Exchange, a cross-city culinary exchange programme.

Another pillar of the Berlin Food Week is the House of Food in Bikini Berlin, which will once again attract the curious and those interested in new products to the listed building. Food Week 2021 is also on the move here: exemplary Mini Houses of Food will be set up in each of the FrischeParadies branches in Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart.

Because special circumstances always require a little creativity, this year for the first time there will be a separate Food TV dedicated to the Food Festival. While we will unfortunately have to do without the Miele Cooking School this year, there will be a small substitute on Sunday 26 September: the Berlin Cuisine team will be inviting visitors to their kitchen studio via live stream. From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Berlin Food Week and Friends will be cooking, giving tips and - of course - eating what the region and season have to offer.

We, for one, are already hungry for September!

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Berlin Food Week 2021 – Foodies of all federal states, unite!
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