Sironi 10 years of bread & pizza like in Italy

Wednesday, September 06 2023

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 17-23
Saturday + Sunday 13-23


Sironi – La Pizza
Goltzstraße 36
10781 Berlin-Schöneberg
.How to get there


Eisenbahnstrasse 42-43

Gleimstrasse 38


+49 30 21002402

If you know Sironi, your mouth immediately waters just hearing the name. What began with a glass bakery in Markthalle Neun has become a small world. Today, Alfredo Sironi has three branches and a pizzeria. In September, Sironi will be 10 years old. With the delightful taste of bread and olive oil on our tongues, we congratulate him from the bottom of our hearts.

In a glass box in the middle of Markthalle Neun, the first oversized loaves of bread were once baked, with which the Italian from Lake Como quickly made a name for himself. To this day, everyone can see the dough being kneaded, the loaves being shaped and, last but not least, one steaming loaf after another being pulled out of the oven. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, infused with the large air bubbles that are so typical. Just like in Milan.

Along the way, other fabulous baked goods are created in Sironi's transparent bakery: sweet rolls, savoury focaccia and fragrant pizza. Unlike at the beginning, however, two additional branches and four weekly markets are supplied with them today. The fan community has grown over the years, also with the pizzeria in Goltzstraße, which Alfredo Sironi opened three years ago in Schöneberg.

Sironi Brot und Pizza Berlin-3
Sironi Brot und Pizza Berlin-6
Sironi Brot und Pizza Berlin-2
Sironi Brot und Pizza Berlin-5
Sironi Brot und Pizza Berlin-4

10 years! It is an excellent occasion to revisit Sironi and enjoy a piece of focaccia or a deliciously topped bread. - Happy Birthday!

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Sironi – 10 years of bread & pizza like in Italy
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