Things get colourful at Potsdamer Platz Artist Takeover by Jill Senft

Wednesday, July 19 2023


The Playce
Alte Potsdamer Str. 7
10785 Berlin-Mitte
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We most likely all know the paintings that remind us of everyday life in old Berlin. Strolling people, gentlemen with hats and moustaches, ladies with dachshunds, all individual characters and witnesses to the shared experience of a dazzling metropolis. In her Artist Takeover at Potsdamer Platz, artist Jill Senft has been inspired by the timeless experience of shopping and brings her created characters together with the real shoppers.

The Berlin artist and illustrator's Artist Takeover will take place in and around The Playce shopping centre until the end of September. Jill Senft, who creates paintings for the New York Times and BZ, among others, works primarily in analogue acrylic paint. She devotes herself to scenes of everyday life from surreal perspectives and situations.

Her works are integrated in many ways into the image of the mall. Sculptures, murals, pennants and animations invite visitors to discover them. The sculptures are deliberately interactive. They provide seating for young and old and invite visitors to linger.

Künstlerin Jill Senft am Potsdamer Platz-19
Künstlerin Jill Senft am Potsdamer Platz-22
Künstlerin Jill Senft am Potsdamer Platz-26
Künstlerin Jill Senft am Potsdamer Platz-31
Künstlerin Jill Senft am Potsdamer Platz-32
Künstlerin Jill Senft am Potsdamer Platz-17
Künstlerin Jill Senft am Potsdamer Platz-20
Künstlerin Jill Senft am Potsdamer Platz-25

The most striking sculptures are located on Varian Fry Street. Two large heads, a gentleman with a moustache and hat and a cheerfully smiling person, frame "Birdie", an oversized pigeon. In contrast, her colourful illustrations frame the square benches. Entering The Playce from the underground, one is greeted by their animated figures, while the main entrance is adorned by numerous pennants.

Shaking hands, swinging bags, relaxing in cafés and on benches, kisses and balloons. The cheerful works show what has not changed for a hundred years. May fashion and thinking have changed, but the shared experience of a public place remains. Timeless motif number one: the dachshund.

This classic German dog breed is particularly highlighted, which continues to delight us when we go for a walk. Thus, the dachshund motif can be found again and again. Particularly noticeable in the long blue and purple dachshunds on the ground floor, which, as we saw for ourselves during our visit, are extremely popular with children.

So there is a lot to discover at The Playce, where Jill Senft's works will be on display until September. In addition, a temporary exhibition by artist Kati Szilágyi will take place during the CSD. Her illustrations will span the Potsdamer Platz window front and show scenes of life in Berlin, from relaxation to partying, with a focus on the queer community.

This and future planned Artist Takeovers invite you to discover and experience (all works are always accompanied by information) and make your shopping trip more colourful.

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Things get colourful at Potsdamer Platz – Artist Takeover by Jill Senft
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