Sironi La Pizza Bakery and Pizzeria in Schöneberg district

Tuesday, July 20 2021

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 17-23
Saturday + Sunday 13-23


Sironi Pizzeria
Goltzstrasse 36
10781 Berlin-Schöneberg
.How to get there


+49 30 210 024 02

Beautifully soft on the inside, the crust crispy and the whole piece wonderfully fragrant: the Italian bread from Sironi is one of the best breads in Berlin. But the capital craves the other baked goods as well - such as the sweet rolls with hail sugar, the wonderfully juicy focaccia and heavenly-smelling pizza. So it makes sense to offer the delicious baked goods in another branch.

And since owner Alfredo Sironi does not bake small rolls, at least not symbolically, he has not only opened another bakery in Goltzstraße in Schöneberg, but also a full-fledged pizzeria. On the one hand, there are fragrant brioches, sweet pastries and the delicious Pane di Milano that made Sironi so famous, and on the other, a restaurant.

The stylish dining room with its open stone oven offers a view of the busy pizza makers. After all, if you make such good dough, you shouldn't deprive anyone of it. At Sironi, there are three different pizza bases: the Neapolitan classic, a wheat sourdough that no one can pass up at the moment, and a dough made from 100 per cent spelt flour - they are all worth a sin.

By the way, Sironi La Pizza made it into our Top 10 Pizza list in Berlin.

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Sironi La Pizza – Bakery and Pizzeria in Schöneberg district
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