Restaurant Le Faubourg Cosmopolitan cuisine with French roots in Berlin

Tuesday, August 22 2023

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Restaurant Le Faubourg
Augsburger Straße 41
10789 Berlin
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030 80 09 99 77 00

On Augsburger Strasse, not far from Ku'damm, is the restaurant Le Faubourg, in whose stylish, jazzy interior upscale French cuisine is cooked with regional ingredients and influences from around the world - since April by Lukas Hackenberg as the new head chef.

The restaurant exudes elegance that does justice not only to the French cuisine but also to the location. The opulent rose-gold chandeliers are certainly the first thing that catches your eye in Le Faubourg restaurant, along with floor-to-ceiling windows, cosy seating areas, and tasteful soul. In short, it is an atmosphere that makes you feel right at home, not as if you were at a friend's house, but rather like an enamoured Hollywood star in his or her stylish hangout.

First things first. In addition to the extensive wine list, the bar offers a wide selection of cocktails. We start with Basil Spritz and Déjàvu Wild Berry, with an oriental elderberry liqueur. Sipping the tasty and visually excellent drinks, we let the kitchen concept be explained to us. Lukas Hackenberg, who cooked for Björn Swanson at Faelt and Jadi on Mallorca for a long time, tells us about the inspiration for his kitchen concept.

Traditional French cuisine with classic French cooking techniques are standard, otherwise he draws inspiration from all over the world. It is important to him that his home city of Berlin is also reflected in the cuisine: modern, casual, stylish - and sustainable. Of course, ingredients from the surrounding area are not neglected, for example, in the vichyssoise that we are allowed to taste as a greeting from the kitchen, in which lovage is the leading component. Like from grandma's garden.

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The pure aroma of the product takes centre stage, as in a Le Faubourg classic that we remember, in a different form, from our last visit. The freshness of the ox-heart tomato is enhanced by smoky aromas, leeks and almonds. A plate like a summer evening. The eel with cauliflower, plum jam and a coffee sauce is a more unusual combination. Finely divided by colour, the flavours are playful here, and so is the look.

I am accompanied by, after my preference for somewhat stronger wines, a Kaufmann Chardonnay from the Rheingau. We continue tasting. Not to be missed, of course, is the namesake "63 degrees Uckerei", hidden in a light potato foam (topped with crisps), with onions and chives. Connoisseurs know what a joy it is to cut into a buttery onsen ice cream.

The main course is mainly French. The gurnard fillet, not quite as regional as the other ingredients, is served with a bouillabaisse broth. Pea gives the whole thing a summery note, apricot adds a pleasant sweetness. On the other hand, the tender Maibock with pretzel dumplings, of course, served in a fine dining style. Particularly exciting here: the aromatic blueberry jus.

Le Faubourg affords itself an exceptional luxury, which we enjoy, with its in-house patissier Raphael Gasque. His creations are the final touch. On the one hand, a modern interpretation of the Black Forest cake, arranged like a still life with a thin slab of chocolate on the soft cake base, which crunches wonderfully, as does the chocolate mousse in a sugar coating. In contrast, lighter and more summery: a combination of pistachio ice cream, strawberries and rhubarb rolls.

A glass of Scharzhofberger Riesling from the Bischöfliches Weingut Trier (Episcopal Winery Trier) completes the meal. Not too sweet, so as not to steal the show from the dessert. But we can't leave without a farewell from the kitchen. And so the team delights us with deliciously filled macarons and little strawberry chocolate chips. So much France must be. We end our visit with the certainty that Le Faubourg is in good hands with Lukas Hackenberg and wish Bon Appetit!

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Restaurant Le Faubourg – Cosmopolitan cuisine with French roots in Berlin
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