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Tuesday, May 02 2023

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Tuesday to Friday: 5:00pm - midnight

Saturday & Sunday: noon - midnight


Lepsius Straße 63
12163 Berlin-Steglitz
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+49 30 797 896 05

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Sometimes it's just worth paying a visit to old friends again. We have known and appreciated Jungbluth since its early days, but that doesn't mean it's not worth paying an "official" visit occasionally to see what's been happening in the kitchen.

We've been to Steglitz a lot lately, where there are comparatively few culinary gems, but those that do are all the more worth a visit. This is also the case with the Jungbluth restaurant mentioned by the Guide Michelin, which celebrated its tenth anniversary this year.

Now run by Andre Sawahn, one of the two original founders, the restaurant has survived the difficult Corona era and, with a new kitchen team, has maintained its high-quality, contemporary German cuisine, which we enjoy this evening.

The menu is simple: three starters, three desserts, two fish and two meat dishes, plus vegetarian alternatives on request. The dishes can be ordered as individual plates or as a menu. Three courses "Jungbluth's choice" for 46 or four courses including wine accompaniment, water and coffee for 105 euros.

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Jungbluth I Maximilian Zeh I 8
Jungbluth I Maximilian Zeh I 11
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We opt for the Jungbluths choice, which gives us a good overview of two menu options. While we sip our Cremant and watch the guests slowly enter the charming unagitated restaurant - lots of windows, white and red walls, a picture here and there - bread along with various dips and a colourful assortment of pumpkin and apples arrive at our table as an exciting greeting from the kitchen.

The starter is exceptionally visually appealing. Two kinds of breaded chicken and as ballotine served with young spinach, quail egg and fennel pannacotta. A rocket salad with grilled Romanesco heart, walnut and pickled spiced pear is served opposite. A successful start!

The main course is a piece of lamb leg with sweet potato gnocchi, green beans and mushrooms, a rather classic yet somewhat playful dish - delicious, new German cuisine. The zander fillet on two kinds of asparagus with potato and wild herb mash is also convincing in this way.

The dessert rounds off the menu wonderfully, both visually and tastefully. On the one hand, an almond date cake whose bite complements the almond milk ice cream and rhubarb compote well. Opposite, much more colourful and fruity: a tartlet of wild blueberry with a crunch of smoked oatmeal and parsley ice cream.

The Jungbluth menu is finely tuned and well-rounded and thus just right for a lovely, enjoyable evening, which you can also experience a la carte. And as with old friends, we hereby resolve to come back more often.

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Restaurant Jungbluth – Creative German cuisine in Steglitz
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