Layla Top Chef Meir Adoni Serves his Stories on Plates

Friday, October 12 2018

Opening Times

Daily from 18.00


Hallesche Straße 10
10963 Berlin-Kreuzberg
.How to get there


+49 151 22 56 36 54

In his home, Israel, Meir Adoni sticks out like a sore thumb. It was 18 years ago that he opened his first fine dining restaurant in Tel Aviv. Many more culinary concepts followed, including an extremely successful one in New York. Then it was time for Adoni to take on Berlin, where he opened his restaurant Layla near the former railway terminus, Anhalter Bahnhof.

Meir Adoni has seen the world. The Israeli chef with Moroccan roots trained in Tel Aviv, gained experience in Sydney and Paris and even at Noma in Copenhagen. His desire to bring storytelling to his dishes is therefore no coincidence.

His stories are layered and multifaceted. And the dishes that arrive out of the open kitchen every evening are like an illustrated book packed with short stories. An oriental feast. The land of milk and honey, filled with fragrant food. Therefore, Layla is also best visited with a big group of friends.

As complex as the individual dishes are, together they harmonize and make up a beautiful whole. Intense and exciting, they’re also not just something you eat in passing. A motto that also applies to the bar, where one can get to know the Italian barkeeper Emanuel Brocatelli. Here, he serves in glasses what Meir Adoni delivers in his dishes at Layla.

Restaurant Layla am Anhalterbahnhof Berlin-10
Restaurant Layla am Anhalterbahnhof Berlin-6
Restaurant Layla am Anhalterbahnhof Berlin-15
Restaurant Layla am Anhalterbahnhof Berlin-7
Restaurant Layla am Anhalterbahnhof Berlin-11
Restaurant Layla Interieur © Itiel Zion
Restaurant Layla Interieur © Itiel Zion-2
Restaurant Layla Interieur © Itiel Zion-3
Restaurant Layla am Anhalterbahnhof Berlin-16
Restaurant Layla am Anhalterbahnhof Berlin

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