Kumami The Greatest Discovery of Recent Years

Saturday, April 01 2017

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Freitag, Saturday & Sonntag: 6.00 - 10.00 pm


Kietzer Str. 3
12555 Berlin-Köpenick
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The interior of Kumami restaurant embodies meditative calm, creativity, and a high degree of aesthetics. The old rooms are so captivatingly enchanting, your eyes can’t get enough of them; the grandiose menu is so modestly and discreetly brought out, the service already has a wondrous touch.

Japanese architect, designer, and of course chef Kuma Kenta’s philosophy is that of the Japanese food culture "Washoku", which respects the original flavour of the ingredients, preparing them in a simple way. By applying that to European dishes, he’s created something wonderfully unique.

The "Wildfang prawn carpaccio" on the current five-course menu, for example, comes with local asparagus, radishes, and wild garlic, akin to Japanese wakame. The incredibly tender “Pink Duck Breast” comes with smoked quail egg, black root, yuzumiso, and a decadent sake sauce.

Kuma Kenta, working alone in the kitchen and dining room, serves all five courses of the daily menu, cooked to perfection and with a deliberateness as if each hand movement is part of a meditation. Nothing is hurried. Everything is tranquil. Respect. And joy. Accompanied by an incredibly high-quality selection of wines, sake, and rare Japanese whiskeys.

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But you won’t get into Kumami without a reservation, as all ingredients are purchased and prepared fresh daily based on the number of expected guests. Only part of the furniture arrangement, including some beautiful chairs, is available for purchase- designed by Kuma Kenta himself.

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Kumami – The Greatest Discovery of Recent Years
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