Raja Jooseppi A Second Living Room

Saturday, April 12 2014

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Monday till Sunday 8.00-24.00


Raja Jooseppi
Brunnenstraße 44
Ecke Rheinsberger Straße 

10115 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 30 497 808 31

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Towards the end of a week in Berlin, I usually reach a point where I'd like to just take a moment and shout out STOP! Put on everything on hold for a minute, turn off the hypes, slow life down and just be. To sit somewhere, uninterrupted, comfortable but not at home, fine dining without having to cook, have a glass of wine with the whole city without drowning in it. Just like that.

And then the problems start: where DO you go when you want just that. Make that close to Mitte, not too pricey, let alone crowded, while still being that special kind of place... Not the easiest quest, but considering the amount of choices in Berlin, I figured you'd just have to know where to look.

Raja Jooseppi is a place for just that kind of moment. Last Friday, we sat there for hours, drinking wine with one of the best dinners I've had in a while: almond soup, cheese-filled gnocchi on fresh spinache, mousse au chocolat with paranuts. On the other side of the table I could feel my friend's happiness over pear and gorgonzola, corn poulard on yellow beets and hash browns, and finally cheese, fruit and fresh bread. Sitting at old wooden tables in this beautiful restaurant, we felt more relaxed and spoilt than ever. It was serene, yet very lively. But comfortable and delicious above all.


And another honorable mention goes to the staff: I don't think I've ever been explained a menu so carefully and attentively on a Friday night. And that is something I urge you to do: if you try one course only, you'll likely be missing out on a good thing to start with and a grand finale to come out of.

Raja Jooseppi is a true Berlin secret, considering how secrets and insider tips along Brunnenstraße and Rosenthaler Platz are rare these days. But Raja Jooseppi is the kind of recommendation you willingly pass along to a good friend if they ask you for a nice little spot with good food to spend some time at. That's the moment that calls for Raja Jooseppi. And I'm talking about breakfast, lunch, dinner – anytime, really.

A piece of Berlin in the middle of Berlin without being too much Berlin. And a place that could potentially turn into your extended living room. I'm already looking forward to next week's menu and my next STOP! Moment at Raja Jooseppi.

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