No Fire no Glory Coffee Cocktails for Brunch

Monday, September 11 2023

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Uhr Brunch until 3:00pm


No Fire no Glory
Rykestr. 45
10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
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A good brunch stands and falls with the quality of the coffee. No brunch plate, no matter how opulent, can cover up bland, watery coffee. So it's no wonder that at No Fire no Glory, coffee is the heart of the coffee bar and the perfect basis for a successful breakfast. Since 2009, coffee lovers have been meeting in Rykestraße in Prenzlauer Berg for a cosy coffee break, an early aperitif or an extended breakfast.

As befits a proper coffee bar, the menu offers a wonderfully original selection of coffee cocktails. However, you won't find a simple espresso martini here. Instead, there are special creations like the "Coffee Boulevardier" with bourbon, red martini and coffee-infused Campari.

But even without alcohol, No Fire no Glory offers a number of new creations. Instead of a boring Iced Americano, the "Cold Brew Tonic" is waiting here. Coffee served on ice and infused with tonic water - it's hard to imagine a more elegant and refreshing coffee treat for hot summer days. Coffee is the DNA of No Fire no Glory and weaves its way through the menu like a red thread.

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Even in the small but fine brunch selection, coffee-inspired dishes can be found. The obligatory poached eggs get a creative upgrade that takes sweet-salty combinations to the next level. Instead of the standard version, the Poached Eggs are served with crispy bacon and red pepper on a fluffy stack of pumpkin pancakes. Everything is topped off with a delicious coffee-infused maple syrup.

And the French toast with peanut butter and strawberry jam filling surrounded by caramelised sugar is well worth a little sin. Those who prefer something more minimalist can choose between various sandwiches and breads. But here, too, there is no shortage of creativity and high-quality ingredients: whether roast beef, beetroot mousse with mushrooms, classic with salmon or fresh wild-caught grilled octopus.

With all the delicious luxury of the brunch, the motto of No Fire no Glory must, of course, not be forgotten: I drink coffee, therefore I am!

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