Out of the gym, into nature Now is the perfect time for outdoor sports

Wednesday, May 18 2022

It feels like spring has come really fast: the trees are in full leaf again, the days are getting longer and longer, and temperatures are rising. In short: we want to get out, out, out. This certainly applies not only to restaurant and café terraces but also to sporting activities.

As soon as the weather permits, we want to spend as much time as possible in nature - preferably also doing sports. With its vast outdoor sports offer, Urban Sports Club demonstrates how far sport under the sky can go beyond jogging laps through the park nearby - although this can be just as fun with the Urban Runners Club.

For your regular yoga session, you can confidently leave the old paths, i.e. the studio. Instead, go to an outdoor location such as the yogi collective Yoga on the Move or Green Yoga Volkspark Friedrichshain. Regular yoga practice benefits enormously from all the new impressions that outdoor yoga offers: The uneven ground, for example, makes tree poses much more difficult, but a gentle breeze and the fresh air ensure that you extraordinarily connect with nature.

Urban Runners Club mit Urban Sports Club
Outdoor Yoga mit Urban Sports Club
Outdoor Workout mit Urban Sports Club
Outdoor Workout mit Urban Sports Club (1)

Those who like to sweat can also enjoy the beautiful weather and nature during a workout with Urban Sports Club. At the outdoor boot camp with Beat81, you can really work up a sweat in public parks like Mauerpark, Hasenheide or Volkspark Wilmersdorf. Training in a group motivates you to achieve new heights, take on new sporting challenges and get fit for the summer. At Beach Mitte, the intensive training combines a beach feeling and sand under your feet.

Speaking of sand: how about beach volleyball at Beach Mitte or Beach61? Beach volleyball has several advantages: it is an excellent cardio workout that improves hand-eye coordination. Team training also guarantees a good mood - maybe you'll even find some new people to make your summer unforgettable. Thanks to the sand under your feet, it feels like a holiday.

And what could be more summery than a day at Sommerbad der Berliner Bäder or a fun round of wakeboarding at water ski park Zossen? So let the most beautiful time of the year begin!

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Out of the gym, into nature – Now is the perfect time for outdoor sports
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