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Wednesday, February 13 2013

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New location soon at Tempelhofer Damm 209!


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In faraway Prenzlauer Berg, hidden between nail salons, Thai takeaways and your typical old Berlin corner bars, lies Japanese artist Tsuki Hasegawa's culinary studio. Whatever magic it is that Kyoto-bred artist Hasegawa is working on Danziger Straße 65, it is absolutely unrelated to what we commonly perceive as food.

Not only is everything, from delicate sweets through to complete multi-course menus, seasoned perfectly and well-thought through, but each dish is a visual pinnacle at that which is largely because of the Japanese chef's art degree preceding her decision to pursue a culinary career.

After working herself through Japanese, French and Spanish restaurants step by step, she found her new home in Berlin. She went on to become the director of a Japanese restaurant in Berlin and decided to open up her very own cooking studio 'Nazuna' two years ago, where she's been creating actual food marvels alongside her business partner Sven Schumacher.

Baumkuchen von Nazuna Berlin
Matcha Pralinen von Nazuna Berlin
Schokoade von Nazuna Berlin

A daily changing range of bento boxes filled with different selections of re-interpreted Japanese classics and mouthwatering sweets are laid out every day in their display, available for instant enjoyment.

Sugar decor or patisserie masterpieces like a LEGO birthday cake are available per request. Hasegawa even comes into your kitchen and creates entire menus for your private dinner party, and supplies multiple restaurants with her delicate pieces of culinary art, all at the same time.

And during all that, the well-being of body and mind by means of a rich and balanced nutrition are still top priority. It really can't get any better!

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Nazuna – Japanese Delicacies & Sweets
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