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Tuesday, December 26 2017


Kristiane Kegelmann
Danziger Straße 5
10345 Berlin-Friedrichshain
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"I’ve never seen the likes of such incredible tortes. At first glance, they could be taken for sculptures or modern art and that leave just as good an impression when you taste them." About two years ago, an article started in the same place with those words and of course these were not wrong at that time, but since then a lot of time passed and now it’s time to give an "update" to the new status quo.

For Kristiane Kegelmann, words such as cake, praline and sugar-sweet filling are now certainly words of the past. Although she has learned her craft in that very field of pâtisserie and even completed her masters in this craft, she has long since set out on other paths that do not exclude the former, and yet take on completely new dimensions.

Her affection for art and design she already cared for in times when she was completely devoted to the craft of sweet seduction. Coupled with a creative curiosity and an inner fire full of inspiration and innovation, the artistic work has now become a passion that keeps Kristiane Kegelmann in suspense day and night.

Kristiane Kegelmann kunstvolle Torten Berlin Verzierung
Kristiane Kegelmann kunstvolle Torten Berlin Pralinen
Kristiane Kegelmann Eat Art Berlin
Kristiane Kegelmann kunstvolle Torten Berlin Fertigung
Kristiane Kegelmann kunstvolle Torten Berlin
Kristiane Kegelmann eat art Installation

However, the culinary aspect has remained an important companion. Because with the diversity of taste, so the artist, it is extremely exciting to experiment and the shared experience of enjoyment can even be considered as a bridge between artist and recipient. The question of enjoyment and its meaning is constantly being raised anew in our fast-paced everyday life: when do we still have the time and leisure to indulge in this inspiring sensory perception? Kristiane Kegelmann gives us a space for it.

But it is by no means certain that the beholders of her art can expect only sweet creations. Rather, traditional boundaries must be overcome by combinations of tastes and make room for new synergies. Ever thought about smoked trout, in salt and sugar dried fennel flowers, wrapped in dark chocolate to taste?It is precisely these synergies that motivate the artist in her studio in Prenzlauer Berg to constantly merge new flavors.

Where the different forms of culinary experience are not the only means of expression: With the help of durable materials such as concrete, steel and glass, Kristiane Kegelmann works on entire spaces. Elaborate installations aim to captivate the viewer – a seduction into the realm of senses, without whose stimulation a life would be inconceivable.

The combination of fortitude, reflected in the materials just mentioned, along with the edible and thus perishable creations and the challenge to try and, in part, to manipulate the artwork, results in an all-encompassing experience that makes the viewer part of the performance. In addition, the artist poses the question of the value of our food.

For if you visualize the one or the other ingredients list of our conventional foods, so you can easily get the impression that a leaflet with side effects in terms of all chemical additives should be attached to the mandatory. Thus, the work of Kristiane Kegelmann forms a problem which is questioningly addressed to the consumer: is the concrete exhibited here synonymous with our food, which is completely unnatural in many places?

Because it would not be outlandish that these and the processed concrete contained about the same vital nutrients - namely none. The symbiotic interaction between imperative, concrete, steel, glass and the subjunctive, which could be, enjoyment in the form of culinary experience and the associated inspiration make the work of Kristiane Kegelmann unique Merging sense confusion that poses questions and at the same time opens up new and innovative perspectives.

Consequently, of course, the Atelier Kegelmann places great emphasis on sustainable and high-quality ingredients. And although Kristiane Kegelmann has only recently become a resident of the capital, she has already built up a considerable network of manufacturers and producers in the Berlin area and is also regularly supplied by Markthalle Neun.In short, we can be very excited about the paths that the young artist will take in the future and which installations and sculptures we will soon have the opportunity to disappear in the cosmos of enjoyment.

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