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Thursday, December 09 2021

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Monday, Wednesday und Friday 12-6pm


The Hummus Dealer
Weserstraße 40a
10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain
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Some stories require taking a few steps back. December 2019 - first rumors of a new epidemic are spreading, but you can still travel without worries. My girlfriend visits Israel and falls in love with the cuisine there. Sure we knew hummus & co before, but when she gets to know the original locally, a little obsession starts.

Fast forward over an indefinite period of time. Within the pandemic and the many lockdowns, the memory of exact dates disappears. We therefore cannot say when exactly we become aware of Chen, The Hummus Dealer. What is certain is that it is through the videos of comedian Daniel Ryan Spaulding.

Chen offers home-style Israeli cuisine, ordered directly through Instagram - a concept which pays off in times when everyone stays home and restaurants are closed. The hummus is authentic and lovingly prepared, delivered to your home privately rather than through large delivery companies. After that, there is a steady flow of hummus to our flat, where my girlfriend can even chime in with her experience in Israel and incorporate individual requests, because here the boss personally caters to his customers.  

The Hummus Dealer Berlin
The Hummus Dealer Berlin  (1)
The Hummus Dealer
Pickles The Hummus Dealer

Back to the present. In our constant search for new delicacies to inform our readers about, it is only logical to write an article about this unique Berlin delivery service. Therefore, it is both a duty and a pleasure to share this delight with our Creme Guides team.

Chen personally comes by and brings us hummus, baba ghanoush, grilled eggplant and cauliflower, laffa bread and garlic pickles, all vegan. A fantastic team lunch, with intense garlic flavors - sorry garlic haters, we love it!

The Hummus Dealer offers many intricacies of Israeli cuisine for home. You need Instagram to order, but you can also drop by the store on Weserstraße in Friedrichshain three days a week. Whether in the current German peak of the pandemic when you can not travel to Israel or elsewhere, or whenever our heart cries for hummus, Chen will continue to supply us. And we gratefully accept.

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The Hummus Dealer – Authentic, vegan, Israeli
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