Kreuzberger Himmel Catering Oriental for small and large events

Wednesday, July 12 2023


Kreuzberger Himmel
Yorckstrasse 89
10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg
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It is always a pleasure to write about motivated humanitarian projects worth supporting. One of them is the Kreuzberger Himmel restaurant, which has already been offering refugees a perspective for five years. Now the team is taking its cuisine from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq out of the guest room and into the city's events with the new Kreuzberger Himmel Catering.

Kreuzberger Himmel, the restaurant project of Be an Angel e.V., aims to promote equal opportunities and integration. Under the direction of chef Laylali Jafaar, the inclusive team prepares dishes from their respective home countries with a mix of traditional and modern influences. Find out more about the restaurant and the concept behind it here.

The new catering takes the successful cuisine of Kreuzberger Himmel - Layali Jafaar has even published a cookbook - to the outside world. For groups of 10 to 450 people, individual events are catered for according to need. From garden parties to corporate functions, seated dinners to flying buffets or barbecue carts, the team covers many forms of catering, depending on individual needs.

I don't know about you, but the cuisines of the Near and Middle East never fail to delight me with their freshness and proximity. Likewise, I have the feeling that it is a cuisine where there is something for everyone, whether vegan or halal, in keeping with the motto of Kreuzberger Himmel: Food connects.

So the catering includes fresh dishes like the parsley salad tabouleh or shawandar, a Syrian beetroot dip. More hearty are the deep-fried, filled dumplings with minced beef and feta cheese or potatoes and mozzarella. They are accompanied by various filled mini wraps, falafel and more. A special highlight is the kibbeh, a bulgur coat filled with various ingredients.

Kreuzberger Himmel Catering is versatile and doubly worthwhile, not only by providing delicious food at your next event but also by supporting an impactful project.

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Kreuzberger Himmel Catering – Oriental for small and large events
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