Milja und Schäfa Relaxed lunch at Ostkreuz

Wednesday, September 07 2022

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Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am - 5:00pm


Milja & Schäfa
Sonntagstraße 1
10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
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030 - 52 66 20 94

A lunch date isn't necessarily the best thing to do after a boozy after-work event the night before. But the Milja and Schäfa offers an unbeatable anti-hangover weapon that I remember from earlier times. But more on that later.

The restaurant in Friedrichshain has been around since 2014, initially serving handmade pasta. Still, owner Sandra has gradually optimised the gastronomic concept and has now settled on breakfast and lunch, with a monthly changing lunch menu. Fresh, handmade dishes, down-to-earth but with a twist, are the kitchen's motto.

In her youth, Sandra already gained experience in restaurants and bars, as her brother runs several pubs in southern Germany. When, after her journalism studies in Berlin, the question arose of where to go next, her love of gastronomy prevailed. Without further ado, she opened Milja und Schäfa with her brother as a silent partner.  

Milja and Schäfa are not the last names of the owners but inspired by a fantasy game that Sandra and her brother used to play as children to pass the time. The family theme runs through the restaurant: the chef is an old school friend of Sandra's, there is harmony in the team, and between lots of wood, you sit very comfortably in the bright yet warm room.


Now Milja and Schäfa is not new to me: I used to work around the corner and often enjoyed the lunch dishes, especially the hearty ones. So I find myself again after an after-work party to cure my slight malaise with a deliciously earthy Croque Mademoiselle, the vegetarian version of Croque Madame.

The Croque breathes new life into me with its truffled herb mushrooms, mountain and Gruyere cheese and rosemary béchamel. A small but delicious salad and a tasty homemade cranberry-orange soda provide the energy boost I need.

My companion, who was good the night before, is delighted with the Beelitz fried chicken, which is wonderfully crispy on the outside and super tender on the inside. Since it is our responsibility to try the desserts as well, we share a fluffy, fruity pancake plate and a chia pudding. Both are delicious and beautifully presented.

Milja und Schäfa never disappoints and offers a wonderful opportunity to start the day deliciously not far from Ostkreuz or to have a cosy lunch with friends or colleagues - whether with a hangover or ideally without.

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Milja und Schäfa – Relaxed lunch at Ostkreuz
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