Chipperfield Kantine Sustainable lunch in style

Monday, October 16 2023

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Monday to Friday: 8:45am - 5:00pm


Chipperfield Kantine
Joachimstraße 11
10119 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 30 280 170 781

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In the middle of Mitte, not far from Rosenthaler Platz, hidden in an inner courtyard at Joachimstraße 11, lies the Chipperfield Kantine, the company canteen of the David Chipperfield architecture firm. But it's not only the office's employees who enjoy the sustainable lunch offer; the canteen is open to everyone.

There is little to show the way to the Chipperfield canteen, hidden behind the mint-green gate at Joachimstraße 11. But the search is worthwhile. In the inner courtyard of the architect's office and the surrounding company premises is a detached new building in which this insider's lunch tip is located.

When we visit in late summer, we decide that the inner courtyard already qualifies as one of our new favourites for lunch in the countryside. With hardly more noise than the rustling of the leaves and the clattering from the kitchen, it is wonderfully relaxing to sit under young plane trees.

But the canteen building, built in 2013, is also impressive, with its light-flooded rooms of simple beauty made of concrete and wood. The canteen was built in collaboration with David Chipperfield Architects by Maren Timm, operator of Das Lokal restaurant. In the meantime, the canteen is run by the architects themselves, under the leadership of Jonas Hoffmann.

Chipperfield Kantine Berlin-4
1261 Hermannplatz , Präsentationsmodel Signa
Chipperfield Kantine Berlin-8
Chipperfield Kantine Berlin-6

The food is cooked with vegetables saved from Querfeld and high-quality products. The menu is small but changes daily. A soup, a salad and a main course are on the menu, plus coffee and cake. The dishes are primarily vegetarian. Only on Wednesdays, there is meat from Gut Kerkow or fish from Hauptstadtbarsch. Everything is produced as sustainably as possible.

And so we literally try our way through the menu during our visit and enjoy plates that are still summery. The fine pea soup with roasted nuts, a little oil and chives tastes wonderfully fresh. The colourful salad with parmesan and roasted nuts is also summery and crunchy.

For the big appetite, there is a hearty strudel filled with potatoes and mushrooms, served with grated, cooked carrot vegetables, potatoes and tomatoes. Simply Delicious. To drink, we enjoy homemade lemonade.

It's guaranteed to never be boring here; the menu changes daily, and since the kitchen cooks with rescued seasonal vegetables, the dishes are assembled according to availability. Light, healthy and fairly priced. Food and location make the Chipperfield Kantine an extremely worthwhile lunch venue in Mitte, and it has been for ten years. It's just a pity that our office is in Charlottenburg...

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