Meatballery When star cuisine makes street food

Sunday, January 16 2022

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday: 12.00am - 8.00pm


Elisabeth-Schwarzhaupt-Platz 5
10115 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 162 417 61 54

What can you expect in terms of restaurants at Berlin's Nordbahnhof? Admittedly, not much. But that should change soon, as since November, the new building complex on Elisabeth-Schwarzhaupt-Platz has become home to a lunch restaurant with a delicious but straightforward concept.

Owner and chef Felix Leisegang has many years of experience in Michelin-starred gastronomy, first in Sylt at Söl'ring Hof and in Berlin with Sonja Frühsammer. In 2013 he founded Jungbluth in Berlin Steglitz, where he stayed for seven years. "After all that time, I wanted to do something different." It should be a simple concept, but not the thousandth burger joint. Instead, Felix became interested in the idea of Meatball shops during a visit to New York and decided to bring it to Berlin.

The industrial interior of the restaurant is just as simple as the menu. At Meatballery, as the name suggests, everything revolves around meatballs. They are freshly made and come in different variations, from pork, lamb, chicken to vegetarian. They are served in bowls, salads, on pasta, or in shared boxes, accompanied by various matching sauces, from barbecue to lime mayonnaise to truffle parmesan.


These harmonize beautifully with the different meatballs, depending on the meat used. What is also impressive, however, is the vegetarian meatball.  Where you might otherwise expect a falafel, the own gluten-free creation consists of beans, soy, and cornflour - especially delicious in combination with the tomato salsa. You can also enjoy a truffle pasta prepared in a parmesan loaf if you don't fancy meatballs.   

Apart from the meatballs, the bowls contain various side dishes that can also be ordered separately, from caramelized onions to marinated cucumbers with sesame seeds to classics such as mashed potatoes, tomato rice, and beans. Served with fresh salad and pickled carrots marinated with hibiscus and raspberry vinaigrette, which adds a lovely lightness to the meal.

Of course, what is most important for a meatball is the quality of the meat. Felix gets it from the Schwäbisch Hall farmers' cooperative, whose animals are kept outdoors and do not need antibiotics. The vegetables are regional and seasonal. The bowls are also particularly beautiful and are sourced from Die Imaginäre Manufaktur in Berlin, an inclusive workshop where each piece is handmade.

There is a new star at Nordbahnhof. Whether for lunch with colleagues or to eat at home, the Meatballery offers not only something unique in terms of street food but also light and fresh food from a sustainable production, with fair prices and a relaxed atmosphere.

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Meatballery – When star cuisine makes street food
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