Fleischerei Bünger Best Meat and Finest Sausages

Saturday, November 07 2015

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Monday & Tuesday: 10.00 am - 5.00 pm
Wednesday to Friday: 8.30 am - 6.30 pm
Saturday: 8.00 am - 1.30 pm


Fleischerei Bünger
Westfälische Straße 53
10711 52.496323,13.293232
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Ever since we first heard about the exceptionally good sausages from the butcher Bünger a few years ago, no barbecue of ours is complete without them. And they are not alone among Bünger’s prominent range of products, which include a variety of other specialties, such as authentic Kobe beef- not to be confused with Wagyu beef, it’s considered the finest meat in the world. Cut from a special breed of Tajima cattle that can only be raised in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture, genes together with a special diet and upbringing generate the characteristic high quality.

Depending on the classification and cut, 100g of this delicacy can cost between 40 and 50 euro. Not for every day. But the uniquely tender glaze, buttery aroma, and flavour akin to nothing else make this fine beef such an incredible experience, that everyone should have it at least once. In Japan, Kobe beef is held in high regard and only enjoyed in small portions- thinly sliced as “Shabu-Shabu” and boiled in water, raw as Sashimi, or lightly seared similarly to tuna.

Bünger Fleischerei Westfälischestraße Berlin frisches Fleisch
Bünger Fleischerei Westfälischestraße Berlin Würste
Bünger Fleischerei Berlin rohes Kobe Fleisch
Bünger Fleischerei Westfälischestraße Berlin Theke
Bünger Fleischerei Berlin Kobe Fleisch zubereitet

But there are even more delicacies at Bünger: dry-aged meat, held in a special cupboard, takes on a particular tenderness and aroma through unique storage methods. Among these various dry-aged meats you can now find top-quality pork of Spotted Bentheimer, an old race of pigs from Bentheim county in Niedersachsen that nearly went extinct, but are now back on the market. I find it exquisite!

The handmade sausages are also incredible: fresh white sausage, three different kinds of Leberkäse, fish fillets on Friday and Saturday, an assortment of cheeses, and bread from Berlin’s first organic baker, Weichardt. And as is only proper for a true butcher, Bünger also has a hearty lunch menu complete with sweet desserts. Perfect!

Fleischerei Bünger – Best Meat and Finest Sausages
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