Von und zu Tisch Finest gourmet in Mitte

Wednesday, December 02 2015

Opening Times

Monday till Saturday 12.00-19.30
and on request!


von und zu Tisch
Auguststraße 52
10119 Berlin-Mitte
.How to get there


+49 30 246 268 97

One large table with many small delicacies spread on top- it doesn’t often take more than that to make a sociable group happy. Throw in a glass of wine and you’re guaranteed an evening full of enriching conversation. That’s what Katerina and Sebastian Vetter were thinking when they rented a shop on Auguststraße, painted the walls white and the shelves black, filled the latter with finds from their distant travels, wrote von und zu Tisch over the small bar, and placed an enormous table in the middle of the room.

Now everything revolves around it. Presentations and sales. Tastings and feasts. Laughter and, yes, sometimes tears- particularly when one of the guests breathes in the chill salt that Sebastian Vetter produces himself. Sarah Wiener has already been there, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a valued customer, and even fashion label Karl Lagerfeld ordered a tailor-made concept catering service, which von und zu Tisch also devise themselves. There’s a lot going on in and around the small store.

Von und zu Tisch Feinkost Berlin Auswahl
Von und zu Tisch Feinkost Berlin
Von und zu Tisch Feinkost Salz
Von und zu Tisch Feinkost Pfeffer
Von und zu Tisch Feinkost Berlin Box

With their gourmet shop, they’ve given their love of travel further meaning and us customers one of the most aesthetic delicacy stores in all of Berlin. It’s not about mass quantity as much as it’s about hand-picked selection. There isn’t a lot of any one item, often rather an especially good selection. Be it olive oil directly drawn from Greek farmers and specially filled, or the unparalleled Willams Christ “gold” that’s constantly sells out. Nothing is just food or drink, there’s always something more worth knowing.

At events everything tends to land in the middle of the table, often as part of a special theme- such as the “Italian regional products” recently served to an Italian guest of state. There’s always something to discover at von und zu Tisch. I myself spent what seemed like forever reading all the lovely texts on the store brand’s packaging… A true delight, and we can look forward to seeing what the two will come up with in the future

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Von und zu Tisch – Finest gourmet in Mitte
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