Koro Café A piece of happiness for in between

Tuesday, September 20 2022

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Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: 8:30am - 6:00pm


KoRo Café
Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 7
10178 Berlin Berlin
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Every now and then you can still find them, the small places of tranquillity in the midst of hectic cities. The KoRo Café is one such place. Located not far from Alexanderplatz, the first café of the online shop KoRo is a small but fine paradise for all city walkers, foodies and die-hard KoRo fans. In addition to delicious breakfast, lunch and cake offerings, you can also buy some of KoRo's most popular products here - such as the absolutely heavenly date cream.

Like art, the various creams, dried fruits and co. are displayed in a minimalist style. And rightly so, because cooking and preparing food always involves a bit of creativity. However, while art can usually only be observed from afar, the culinary version of KoRo can not only be touched, but also be eaten on the spot. Namely in the form of porridge, sandwiches, various lunch offerings and diverse coffee creations.

The homemade vegan porridge, in particular, is the highlight of the small café. After months of experimenting, extensive tastings and with the help of a good portion of passion, it was finally perfect: the KoRo porridge. Wonderfully creamy, it is transformed into a delicious breakfast à la KoRo with various toppings, fruits, stewed plums and nut mousse, depending on your taste. We can especially recommend the almond puree with vanilla and cinnamon.


But not only the porridge is vegan. The KoRo Café also offers numerous other vegan dishes that can easily compete with their non-vegan counterparts. Creativity is not spared here. And so, in addition to the standard vegan milk alternatives such as soy and oat milk, there are also surprising variations such as peanut milk. Between the date-hazelnut sandwich and the curry-mango sandwich, the tofu sandwich with pesto verde takes pride as a vegan alternative to the Caprese sandwich.

By the way, sandwiches, porridge and the like are also availabe for take away. In sustainable packaging, of course. For this purpose, KoRo works together with Vytal. All boxes and cups are reusable and can be returned to participating cafés. In other aspects, too, as little plastic as possible is used. Even disposable packaging is made of environmentally friendly bagasse or other sustainable alternatives.

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Koro Café – A piece of happiness for in between
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