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Saturday, August 16 2014


Haut und Sein
Mulackstraße 32
10119 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 172 688 22 28

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There are some days on which I truly love my job. This past Monday, for instance, it took me to beauty salon Haut & Sein recommended to me by the owner of Spreeboote and Hafenküche Frank Richard. The 'classic or energetic cosmetic treatments' announced on their website, paired with owner Jana Pákodzi's additional coaching experience, had me even more curious.

I arrived early in the evening, walked through that little backyard that I must have been missing for years while passing by Mulackstraße so many times. After all, Jana Pákodzi settled in this very spot 10 years ago and recently opened up her practice 'SEIN' right next door. The premises are calming and feel like home in a second.

The first thing that happened was a basic: make-up removal, peeling, facial cleanse. Yet it still felt different: Jana Pákodzi's love for her work is palpable in the way she treats you. She started out learning from her mother, a beautician herself, as a teenager, then went on to legit training and worldwide work trips. She brought back with her any technique worth mentioning and is now putting them to work in her very own space.

Haut und Sein Kosmetikerin Berlin Mitte Einrichtung
Haut und Sein Kosmetikerin Berlin Mitte Serum
Haut und Sein Kosmetikerin Berlin Mitte Interieur

There is a sense of serenity and prudence in her way of working. Decleor's Aroma-Duo products filled the room with relaxing scents. Their all-natural essential oil-basis facilitates chemical synergies which directly translate into visible results. One of Pákodzi's personal favorites is a night balm that freed her from neurodermatitis during her teenage years.

She unstoppingly swears by this French label and I can only confirm the wellness effect they've had after only one treatment. A deep pore cleanse by means of a special brush followed by a no less than heavenly massage clear out and polish up your skin.

The Berlin-born shopowner noticed early on that she has a special sensibility to the energy surrounding her and the people close to her. But she helped countless customers solve conflicts or look at personal issues differently before she decided to officially bring together coachings and cosmetic treatments.

Despite her vigor, she managed to bring a soothing quiet into my body within moments, which will be worth coming back for alone. Jana Pákodzi is highly professional and efficient, yet she appears to be one of the most wonderful human beings in the business and one of my new favorite tips!

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