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Monday to Saturday: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm


Babor Institut Christiane Lingner
Französische Straße 48
10117 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 30 206 222 22

Weitere Dependance.
Gubener Str. 22
10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain

“This is not a cosmetic institute. This is passion for exceptional skin solutions,” is Christiane Lingner’s slogan at her Babor Institut. Two sentences that perfectly sum up how I feel after my 90-minute treatment by the passionate and extensively educated cosmetician.                

Three other professional cosmeticians at the impressive studio combine intense relaxation with effective cosmetic ingredients. From the computer-based skin analysis to “quick facials” and regenerative “medical beauty application” to the modern anti-ageing procedures such as ultrasound, miconeedling, and microdermabrasion, everything is offered.

But the most important corner stone at Babor is still the consultation. “Beauty is very personal, and the skin is a super-organ as individual as a fingerprint,” Christiane Lingner explains. Which is why the skin is always first carefully analysed, then the treatment plan is made together with the client. For men, too!

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What she herself loves about the Aachen family company Babor is how unendingly innovative it is. In the over 60-year-old house there’s never a quiet moment. Everything revolves around particularly effective and highly active ingredients for visible effects and precise solutions. Babor is not natural cosmetics, according to Christiane Lingner, but silicone and paraffin are taboo.

It wouldn’t work any other way, as they wouldn’t be able to apply as many different versions of the content-rich pharmaceutical phials, which make up a core part of Babor treatments, in all of the combinations that are now possible. That can include up to ten phials, each of which serves a particular need of the skin.

Each product is still made in Aachen, but now delivered to 70 countries. The “institute cosmetic” was originally only sold through apothecaries, but they soon realised that the individual product lines could only be perfectly coordinated and effective results achieved through personal consultation.

There’s a “problem-solver” for each skin type and problem at Babor, Christiane Lingner gushes. Each is individually fine-tuned, one after the other. At Babor, extensive schooling and in-depth studies are required in order to be able to optimally advise clients.

As I leave, I marvel once again at the elaborately arranged interior, which offers the perfect platform for Babor’s extensive assortment. The quick facials and information evenings are ideal for getting to know the competent methods Christiane Lingner and her team use. You might even meet one of the celebrities who swears by the Babor treatments.

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Babor Institute Christiane Lingner – Precise Skin Care in Mitte
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