Zeitwunder Tight Skin in 90 Minutes

Saturday, March 26 2016

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Tuesday to Saturday: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm


Grolmanstraße 27/28
Close to Savignyplatz
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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+49 30 8871 8931

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I’ve come to the sensationally arranged sales area of Zeitwunder to escape the daily grind before. The contrast-rich interior is as exciting now as it was the first time. Now, thought, beautician Wiwianna Schönemann greets me and I sink onto a divinely comfortable sofa. Warmly heated and so cosy, I never want to stand again. 90 minutes of pampering from the beautician await me. Enough time for a miracle!

It starts with a skin analysis. Then comes the purification. My face is massaged first with a pre-cleanser, then with an additional exfoliating and moisturising mask. Lastly, the surface is cleared with a cleansing foam. Now any existing impurities would be eliminated, whereby patrons often have such clear skin from regular use of the products used here from the South African cosmetic line Environ that this stage of facial cleansing is no longer necessary.

With their active ingredients and visible results, Environ products are something between cosmetic and medical skin care. They’re rooted in cancer therapy and mainly function through skin normalizing Vitamin A, a natural skin densifier, hence perfect for wrinkle reduction. Most of the products, with a few exceptions, are completely free of perfumes, colorants and other preservatives.


Next, Colostrum is worked into the skin with a low-frequency sonophoresis. The agents are transported deeply into the lower epidermal regions using sound waves. My skin, damaged from winter, seems to positively soak up the treatment. To wrap things up, a thick mask is applied whose effect is strengthened through weakly pulsing electrical currents, a method called iontophoresis. Above all, it intensifies the moisturising effect and opens canals to improve the uptake of active agents.

With an intense treatment over several weeks, impressive results are truly to be seen. I’ve personally met the manager Marina Wessolowski once and she had the most wonderful skin I’ve ever seen in a woman of her age. Even after my single visit to Zeitwunder today, my skin looks so tight and fresh that I can’t help but constantly check myself out in the mirror. Amazing! I have no choice but to do this again!

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Zeitwunder – Tight Skin in 90 Minutes
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