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Haut & Sein Jana Pákozdi Gets Under Your Skin

Sunday, September 20 2015

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Monday till Saturday by appointment!


Haut & Sein
Mulackstraße 32
10119 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 172 688 22 28

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How do I describe something that is almost non-explicable on a rational level? Something that effects the very core of me and yet I feel unable to fully describe it. Something that has enriched my life in such a drastic way, I feel as if I've only jsut found myself. This is an attempt at describing Jana Pákozdi's extraordinary work...

It's been over a year since my first visit at Jana Pákozdi's Haut & Sein for a classic beauty treatment. I became an instant supporter of her work as a cosmetician, her facials and cosmetic treatments are truly unique. But the actual highlight of her work, that brings together every aspect of her brilliance, I discovered a bit later, when I first booked the „Under The Skin“ treatment.

During this treatment that is a fusion of cosmetics and personal coaching, Jana Pákozdi does not only touch your skin but your soul, too. She uses her ability to feel a person's energy and vibrations that oftentimes lead to both, inner and outer conflicts in order to bring clarity. A very rare skill that she also puts to successful use during her SEIN coachings, German for 'to be', while she's even closer during this treatment due to the actual physical proximity.

Admittedly, I initially thought she had some unknown kind of psychic ability. But I've come to accept the fact that stocked up energy is all there is to it: we all carry bagage with us. Every encounter, each moment of joy or pain leaves back traces. When another person, like Jana Pákozdi, is blessed with the rare talent, they get to sense these informations.

With the help of this gift, she helps other people to find a way through difficult, unclear times. The price of working with her is no less than living a harmonious, happier life. Ultimately, one person discovers which job it is they've always dreamed of pursuing while someone else might finally discover and get rid of that one burden that's always been weightfully resting in a little corner of the soul overshadowing one's potential's.

All that happens very automatically and casually while your skin is being peeled and cleansed, serums are being massaged into your skin and masks are being applied. Energized and refuelled I leave this little haven on Mulackstraße on a regular basis now and feed on this force until four weeks have passed and time has come for my next „Under the Skin“ session. You have got to try it out!

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