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Wednesday, March 20 2024

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Inanna GmbH
Charlottenstraße 19
10117 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 800 0808800

The Inanna Medical Spa on Charlottenstrasse in Mitte offers integrative wellness that goes far beyond superficial treatment. Thanks to a profound understanding of beauty, the spa run by Anna Baret Gulueva provides a holistic concept that combines physical health and aesthetic refinement. Because true beauty comes from a balance of both.

The Inanna Medical Spa is based on three pillars: medical cosmetics, aesthetic medicine and cellular nutritional medicine. Each area represents a core aspect of holistic beauty and well-being. It is about long-lasting health, which is also reflected on the outside.

The first pillar, cosmetic services, deals with skin and hair through external applications. During my visit, my skin was first examined using the Canfield VISIA skin analysis to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Two complementary high-tech devices are available at Inanna for this purpose.

The subsequent customized Biologique Recherche Remodeling Face facial treatment visibly tightened my skin by activating my facial muscles. A truly impressive result that I had never experienced before. But this is only a tiny part of Inanna's range of services.

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Body treatments, including massages tailored to your skin type, LED phototherapy, radio frequency, ultrasound and laser treatments or needle epilation for permanent hair removal, as well as permanent make-up services, round off the portfolio. - Wellness at the highest level!

The second pillar, aesthetic medicine, uses minimally invasive procedures to rejuvenate from within with FDA-approved and CE-certified techniques such as exosome therapy, dermal fillers, bio-remodeling, mesotherapy, microneedling and thread lifting. Thanks to this wide range of options, results can be achieved that cosmetic services alone could never achieve.

The third pillar focuses on nutritional and cellular medicine, with techniques such as Nobel Prize-winning hypoxia training for cell renewal at the mitochondrial level, blood test-based micronutrients, and customized vitamin infusions. It also focuses on food allergies and the microbiome to improve cellular health and longevity.

Beauty and well-being originate at the cellular and nutritional level, according to the deep conviction of the Inanna Medical Spa. The team's commitment to excellence is also reflected in the fact that they constantly undergo further training to incorporate the latest medical and cosmetic findings into their work.

We also particularly like the special programs for expectant mothers (Mommy Spa) or people affected by cancer (Wellness for Cancer). This is another reason why Inanna Medical Spa has already received awards such as the "Best Beauty Salon Project of the Year 2023" in Germany and the "DACH Spa Award 2024" for the best beauty salon in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Under Anna Baret Gulueva's management, a highly professional environment has been created that is always personally enriching, thanks to the team's open and empathetic nature. Here, beauty is truly celebrated in its most holistic form. The Inanna Medical Spa is, so to speak, a home for beauty!

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