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Wednesday, December 22 2021

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Tuesday to Thursday: 6:00pm - 1:00am
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Glasweise Weinbar
Reichenberger Str. 109
10999 Berlin
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It almost seems as if Marco Gianni from Glasweise wine bar in Kreuzberg can read minds, as he serves us a glass of Crémant and Spanish olives marinated with anchovies. Now sparkling wine is a popular classic to get you in the mood for a nice evening, and yet this gesture works a small miracle every time to make you feel welcome in a place.

Welcome is the keyword at Glasweise. Lots of dark wood, even darker walls, a long bar and lots of little private corners make sure of that. And, of course, the warm service of Marco and his team. "The atmosphere has to be right," the native Italian thinks. It is.

We sit at the "Stammtisch", a reminiscence of the Berlin style pub that once occupied the premises on Reichenberger, which the somewhat rustic tables and chairs also remind us of. But that doesn't make the whole thing any less charming. Rather the opposite. At any rate, the regulars' table is the best place to take a look at what's going on in front of and behind the bar. 

Glasweise Weinbar Berlin Kreuzberg
Marco Glasweise Weinbar Berlin Kreuzberg
Glasweise Weinbar Berlin Kreuzberg  (5)
Glasweise Weinbar Berlin Kreuzberg  (2)

Once a month, Glasweise hosts special evenings with wine tastings. On the evening of our visit, however, the focus lies on cocktails, so later it's Molinari Mule and Di Capri Fizz for us, too. 

But first, we're here for wine. The Scheurebe that Marco pours us in a delicate glass tastes very fresh and reminds us a bit of Sauvignon Blanc. Marco speaks of mango notes and tomato plants and we nod in agreement. Even our companion, who is forgoing alcohol this evening, is suitably taken care of with non-alcoholic gin and tonic or spritz.

In terms of wine selection, Marco at Glasweise is also not very dogmatic: of course there is a large selection of Italian white and red wines, but the menu also includes items from Spain, Italy, France and Germany. At partly quite moderate prices. We nibble on wonderfully grilled chicken skewers with peanut sauce. Just the thing to go with a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Because Glasweise also serves small dishes: Olives, snacks, of course. But also a few that definitely fill you up. "But it's a wine bar, not a restaurant," Marco emphasizes. As an Italian, you have advantages and disadvantages: on the one hand, people trust you in a gastronomic sense, but on the other hand, they also expect food. Marco has clear priorities: "People should come back for two things: the wines and the service. Wine is my passion." 

We'll keep drinking wine. Orange Wine that is. It is an acquired taste, but the Tacheles from Weinreich in Rheinhessen definitely appeals. So do the first-rate artichokes and caper apples. Or mozzarella sticks and deep-fried olives stuffed with cheese and truffles from the hot-air fryer. Fantastically good bar food.

However, we are particularly convinced by the wonderful lasagna with a glass of Haus Klosterberg Spätburgunder from Markus Molitor from Mosel. The lasagna is sometimes made by Marco's wife, sometimes by her mom: "Why should I make it myself when others do it better. It should just taste good." 

We nod again in agreement and decide to come back soon. Especially since the terrace outside looks just as cozy as the interior of the wine bar. At the moment, by the way, they're also serving fine vintner's mulled wine.

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Glasweise wine bar – Cozy wine drinking and casual bar food in Kreuzberg
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