Lamazère A Piece of France in Berlin

Friday, November 08 2013

Opening Times

Thursday to Sunday: 6.00 pm - 11.00 pm


Stuttgarter Platz 18
10627 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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+49 30 318 007 12

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Eight weeks ago, Régis Lamazère opened up his brasserie in Charlottenburg and did everything right. He is fully booked non-stop. A friend of mine from France had recommended this little place to me and so I decided to give it a chance last night.

Régis Lamazère is star-awarded chef Roger Lamazère’s son. His restaurant Le Lamazère, close to Champs Elysées, was internationally renowned until his death. Régis grew up around haute cuisine and decided early on that he would one day own his own restaurant. His journey took him from the French hospitality and food scene to LA and then Berlin. And now, at the age of only 30, he made his dream come true.

A dream that came true for his guests too. Those who are France and French cuisine aficionados, will feel like they’ve arrived in heaven. The atmosphere could not be any more French and classics such as 'Oeufs Cocotte', Escargots and Cassoulet are extraordinary. We were impressed until the very last bite of the two courses each of us had ordered. Unfortunately, we had to surrender before dessert was served, we couldn’t take anymore. Rice pudding, Tarte Tatin and Mousse au chocolat had to stay in the kitchen.


Little details like cloth napkins made from vintage dishtowels that were nice and heavy on our laps made the food experience even better. Or the wine menu that had the typical French format and were commented on regularly. Crudités and other cured meats were hung behind a counter waiting to be sliced by an authentic French slicer. And the music…. oh, the music!

Le patron gave knowledgeable advice on what to choose and proved experienced sensibility when it came to wine pairings. You could hear the pots in the kitchen, a phrase in French here and there. Perfect baguette is being devoured audibly, the atmosphere is carefree. The only unhappy faces were the ones of those who came in without reservation and had to leave on the spot. So be advised: plan your visit at Lamazère’s well in advance!

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Lamazère – A Piece of France in Berlin
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