Eis Voh Delicious Gluten-Free Ice Cream and Cake


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Eis Voh
Bundesallee 118
12161 Berlin-Friedenau
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I keep noticing that I judge things mainly by their appearance, even though I am trying not to. This recently happened at Eis Voh located in Friedenau. For around two years I walked by the inconspicuous and not very stylish shop. I must have passed by over a hundred times until one day a sign with lactose-and gluten free ice cream and cake caught my attention.

I carefully started with one flavour of ice cream and the second time I already risked two different ones. Then I tried the cakes....a nut cake from South Tyrol...Poppy Seed cake....What had I done? I totally missed out on these delicious treats, because whatever I tried was simply great - even the cinnamon cookies during Christmas time.

The fact that all their products are lactose or gluten free didn’t make them any less tasty. The ice cream as well as the cake were a lot better than what one can get at most bakeries. “It is because of all the organic ingredients and the family recipes”, the baker and owner Horst Voh explains.


Everyday the Pappenheim-born Horst Voh bakes in his tiny kitchen in the back of the Café, using only the best organic ingredients. And he comes up with delicious cakes like an Almond-Pistachio Cream Cake or a fruity Cassis-Baiser Cake as well as an always sold out Apple Pie and my beloved Poppy Seed Cake. There is also Chocolate Cake, Linzer Torte and Frankfurter Kranz. You can get almond croissants, Rum Balls and Bobes, as well as many other delicious treats - some of them even vegan.

There is also a whole bar full of scrumptious homemade ice cream and for the past 14 days also organic frozen yoghurt. In the front of the shop you will find the Berlin-born Mrs Voh, who is always calm and always has something witty to say.

Thus I would like to recommend this store, not only to people with allergies, but to everyone. In Chinese medicine wheat flour is frowned upon, so I guess this place is trendy after all!

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Eis Voh – Delicious Gluten-Free Ice Cream and Cake
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