Eagle Products Quilts and Throws Made in Germany

Wednesday, July 31 2013

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Eagle Products in Berlin:
Bramigk & Breer, Niebuhrstr. 1
KaDeWe, Tauentzienstr. 21-24


+49 9281 819 130

It’s been a few years since I discovered a quilt named Firenze at Bramigk & Breer on Niebuhrstraße that reminded me of Missoni’s colorful designs and got me excited within a moment. Despite being made of 100% lambswool, it was unbelievably light and soft. It became an impromptu gift for a very good friend.

That very model is still manufactured by Eagle Products in Bavaria. And since I never pass on an opportunity to search their collection when looking for a new quilt, I decided to take closer look at the venture formerly known as ‘Franz Barth Weaving Mill’.

The company’s history starts in 1893 and it’s been located in Hof, Bavaria, since 1904. Decades of experience and a real sense for materials come together to bring out the most beautiful throws, quilts, pillows and scarves. Wool dyed and and spun in Italy, cashmere spun in France and South-African mohair are the very basis of Eagle’s products.

Last week, I visited their stand at Hamburg’s Early Bird trade fair and was head over heels in love with their woollen goods despite the heat. Hans Christian Hagen, who has been in charge along with his sister Barbara Sprinzl since 1997, managed to win me over time and again, be it a classic tartan pattern, a knitted quilt or a plain throw. There was always one more colorway or technique that surprised me.


You can find a great selection of Eagle products at Bramigk + Breer as well as at KaDeWe. Make sure to look at my favorites Stuart 101, Cortina 10, Chicago 2 and the cashmere quilt Diva 102. All different, but equally perfect - for chilly summer nights out or cozy winter evenings in.

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Eagle Products – Quilts and Throws Made in Germany
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