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Tuesday, February 20 2024

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Our feet carry us all over the world, over hill and dale, for a lifetime. And yet, in our everyday lives, we constantly force them into shoes that are either too tight or pinchy, sometimes with heels - not particularly beneficial for this faithful part of the body. And then you slip into a pair of Wildling shoes and realise: Oh, so that's how sensitive my feet are to the world beneath them. A real aha experience.

The story of Wildling begins as it often does: Anna and Ran were looking for a pair of high-quality shoes for their three children that would allow them to move as naturally and freely as possible. After their return from Tel Aviv to the German winter, walking barefoot was unfortunately no longer an option for them. They wanted as few shoes as possible and as many shoes as necessary.

When they couldn't find the right shoes, preferably with the most positive - well - footprint possible, they developed suitable models themselves: minimal shoes with a 1.5 to 3.5-millimetre thin sole that adapts to the foot. Not the other way around. The sole can even be rolled up and bent in all directions.

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The minimalist shoes offer as much as necessary: protection against injury, cold and moisture, and that's it. The reduced soles of synthetic rubber, cork and quartz allow the foot to roll properly, while the wide toe area offers plenty of movement. As the foot is not supported, the foot muscles are suddenly really challenged.

For adults, the changeover can, therefore, be accompanied by sore muscles. You don't have to break into the shoes - they are incredibly comfortable immediately. The cosy wool lining also contributes to this. It comes from Nordwolle, the wool of sheep used to care for the dunes on the island of Rügen.

In general, Wilding attaches great importance to partnership-based relationships with manufacturers and sustainable supply chains. To this end, the shoes are manufactured in Europe, mainly in Portugal, from high-quality natural materials and under fair working conditions. Wildling shoes should have a positive impact not only on the well-being of the wearer but also on the way we do business.

That's why each model is only available once in the showroom in Prenzlauer Berg. The cute winter ankle boots called "Krähe" made of wool, the "Tejo Caramell" with a hiking boot look, or the Japanese-inspired "Kune" made of hemp and cotton can be touched, tried on and ordered on-site. Your own shoe will then be delivered directly to your home shortly afterwards.

You shouldn't miss out on a walk along the small barefoot path to get a taste of it. Because really, every little stick, the soft moss, the grooves, it's incredible how you perceive every detail through your feet, how light-footed it balances over the tree trunk. The world is literally at your feet.

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Wildling – Like barefoot through the world
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