Maryam Keyhani The hat artist's showroom

Wednesday, March 13 2024

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Saturday 12-16


Maryam Keyhani Shop
Choriner Straße 50
10435 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
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+49 1516 7434820

Well protected - Maryam Keyhani couldn't be otherwise. The Berlin artist with Persian-Canadian roots wears a hat every day. More hat art, because in her studio in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, her personal wonderland, she creates colorful headgear that are wearable, cheerful works of art.

She always wears them herself. But are they always "just" hats? Not rather art, hat art, art hats? It's a bit of everything, everything and a bit more. You only have to look.

Her store in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg could also be a gallery and her hats have also been on display in art temples in Canada and Munich, for example. Sometimes on figurines, sometimes amusingly stacked like a torso with legs, the headdresses of the Berlin native with Persian and Canadian roots are unique, original and incredibly decorative.

A look at her objects made of textile materials such as wool always brings a smile to the viewer's face. Maryam Keyhani is a kind of tamer in her own circus ring, an Alice in her own wonderland. Where the imagination rules.

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The (hat) artist says of herself that she ignores reality and is from another world. Who wouldn't believe her when they see her sitting with a colorful pile of hats on her head? She lives the child in the woman and that is wonderful. Childlike and playful, but with a seemingly never-ending output of hat art - if this discipline doesn't already exist, she creates it.

Hats, colorful and beautifully shaped and always different, adorn the walls of her old apartment, where she lives with her family, and are joined by colorful (hat) paintings in her small showroom and studio - she studied painting and sculpture, painting is the artist's main occupation - hat objects à la ceramic mugs with bauichig hat brims, hat cushions, pastel-colored hat candle holders reminiscent of a pink, red and white cream meringue.

She has had this wonderful quirk since she was 20, triggered by a vintage hat she discovered in Paris. You can hide under a hat, but it also attracts attention. In Paris much more, in Berlin very few people care. Maryam Keyhani and her family have also lived in Canada, where she grew up next to Tehran, but then gave preference to her adopted home and favorite city Berlin.

Her showroom in Choriner Straße in Prenzlauer Berg is only open on Saturdays. But the location and the time are enough to make you forget the big city and immerse yourself in her sheltered wonderland for a while, imagining that you are friends with the hat maker. Insiders say that she always brings a large bag of hats to dinner parties, which everyone can then wear.

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