Die Sechste at KaDeWe Superlative feasting in West Berlin

Tuesday, February 15 2022

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Monday to Thursday 10-20
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Die Sechste
6. Etage im Kaufhaus des Westens
Tauentzienstraße 21–24
10789 Berlin-Schöneberg
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When it opened in 1907, it already exceeded all expectations. To this day, a visit to Berlin's KaDeWe is more of an experience than a purchase. No less legendary is Die Sechste: a gourmet eldorado and land of plenty - and so much more than a mere delicatessen department. Die Sechste is the sixth floor at KaDeWe, and it is a must-visit for gourmets and tourists on the hunt for delicacies.

Die Sechste is now becoming even more contemporary, but at the same time, it should lose neither its gourmet charm nor its ambition. But how can you rejuvenate and at the same time take the regular customers with you? "In the end, the keyword is always quality," considers Die Sechste manager Oliver Kramny. And it works: The concept is vibrant.

The sweets, tea, and coffee area is already resplendent in a new design. International and Berlin specialities, everything of distinction can be found in der Sechsten: the finest marzipan chocolates from Ohde, for example. Or excellent baked goods - beautiful cakes, fragrant bread, croissants like in France - which, by the way, are producede directly above in the bakery and confectionery located there, where the Winter Garden is also located. Contrary to popular belief, the sixth floor is not the top floor of the luxury department store.

But here's what you'll find on the sixth floor: Germany's most extensive cheese counter with up to 900 types of cheese, depending on the season; apart from the sheer quantity, what is particularly impressive is that "the colleagues can tell a story about each cheese," Kramny reveals. And of course: where there is cheese, there is wine. In the same area, Die Sechste offers an impressive selection of remarkable wines that are not available everywhere. The oldest bottle dates back to 1864, "it still came by horse-drawn carriage." Price on request.

In the end, however, there is something for every wine lover. In addition, Die Sechste offers around 450 different gins plus fillers in the largest gin department in Europe. Available are also exceptional liquids that you won't find anywhere else, as well as the most delicate beer. There's even a Späti, a shop concept holy to many Berliners.

The new restaurant area also promises to become the latest foodie hotspot. Six restaurants are moving into the newly designed space at Die Sechste. They are arranged in a star shape in direction of the escalator. But the view from the top on the winding escalators alone - spiralling, staggered and with walnut panelling, they are reminiscent of the wandering Hogwarts staircases - would be worth a visit.

In the newly designed restaurant area of Die Sechste, a whole cornucopia of first-class flavours and delicacies invites yous. The open kitchen counters are particularly communicative - so you can not only talk to the people around you but also directly to the chefs and professional service staff. "All our colleagues come from 5-star hotels and top restaurants. For the guest, it makes a big difference when service and wine recommendations are perfectly coordinated," says Kramny.

Various seating options - from aperitif tables to the large community table - invite guests to linger throughout the restaurant area and, of course, above all, to feast. Therefore, the new fresh fish section also functions just as well as gastronomy as it does as a delicatessen counter. The declared goal: to be the best in Berlin. Including sustainability standards. After all, enjoyment and a good conscience are not contradictory, which is why most of the fish on offer here is certified and caught, as well as wild-caught fish.

Fish sandwiches are still available, but here, too, the younger crowd has been taken into account: in addition to the classics, there are also bao buns, vegan creations, of course - and cocktails. Also new: the restaurant area of Die Sechste is independent of KaDeWe's shop opening hours; you can also indulge yourself here from 8 pm until late at night.

Especially great: everyone can help themselves in all the restaurants. Everyone eats what they like, but they still eat together - like in a food court, united by KaDeWe's quality standards. Six oysters here, plus sushi and pizza from Ovest? No problem! Particularly relaxing: the cash register systems are all linked together.

A special novelty is that many windows were uncovered during the renovation. For the first time, there will be an outdoor terrace viewing the city towards the Gedächtniskirche. Perfect for a sundowner! The terrace is directly adjacent to a KaDeWe classic, the Fischkutter, shining in new splendour.

Because what would Die Sechste in KaDeWe be without Fischkutter and the oyster bar? Whether Gillardeau, Fine de Claire or Sylter Royal, the new menu offers twelve to fifteen different oysters, depending on the season. The oyster quality in Die Sechste is incomparable: "At peak times, 2,000 oysters are eaten here per day. That means the quality and freshness is like nowhere else. They arrive in the morning and are gone by the evening," explains Kramny.

The new AKI caviar bar is also of exceptionally high-quality. The modern caviar bar demonstrates the versatility of fish roe. It doesn't always have to be champagne - even if it does play an essential role around here. Ruinart and Krug have been won as champagne partners. All qualities are available by the glass: "You can even order a glass of Krug's vintage champagne, which is not possible anywhere else.

Oliver Kramny also states: "We don't aspire to be a fine dining restaurant. There are top products, but just in a relaxed way". Also, concerning pricing, top champagne and wines should be available at fair prices: "We want people to come here and have fun, but not have to think about whether they can afford a second glass."

But it's not just seafood lovers and champagne enthusiasts who will get their money's worth at KaDeWe's Die Sechste. Artisan de la Truffe is dedicated to all the delicacies that the black diamond of cuisine makes even more seductive. Sumosan continues to serve the finest sushi and sashimi. Ovest presents other Mediterranean favourites such as pizza and pasta in addition to a mozzarella bar.

Every gourmet, big or small, will find what they are looking for here because Die Sechste is filled with many different concepts - The potpourri of shapes, colours, flavours and smells of the restaurant area is mind-blowing. Die Sechste in KaDeWe is an absolute must for all those who can't get enough of the good things on life's table and know exactly what they want - back then and now.

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