At least something in the stomach sandwiches for first aid and buses to the border

Tuesday, March 22 2022

According to rbb24, over 10,000 people are currently arriving in Berlin every day. Many Berliners are lending a hand, wanting to help, offering places to sleep, donating hygiene products and providing the arrivals with basic necessities such as food and drinks. Many Berlin restaurateurs are also demonstrating their solidarity in difficult times. 

For example, instead of continuing to organise the Eat! gourmet festival in June, it was moved to autumn in order to provide active and uncomplicated help for people fleeing the war in Ukraine. The decision was made from one moment to the next, explains Eat! Berlin initiator Bernhard Moser in an interview with RadioEins: "There are simply moments when priorities slip a bit [...] It just didn't feel right at the moment for my whole team to plan high-end dinners, while at the other end of Berlin people are arriving at the main station who are not being looked after, where no emergency plan was in place, and that's why we said we had to get active now".

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Since day one, he and his team have been making around 1,500 to 2,000 sandwiches, as well as bringing muesli bars, apples, bananas and lollies to the fleeing people. In the meantime they provide snacks for the refugee reception centre in Reinickendorf, since the central station is well supplied.

The decision was made in favour of sandwiches because most people do not stay here for long. Hot soups would therefore have been impractical. Sandwiches are easy and practical; you can grab them quickly, pocket them and eat them later. They may only be snacks and sandwiches, but at least the refugees have something in their stomachs as they continue their journey. Of course, so many sandwiches are not free; the ingredients cost between 700 and 1,000 euros a day. 

You can donate easily here>> via betterplace. 

The association Be an Angel e. V., which co-initiated the Kreuzberger Himmel restaurant, has also been providing uncomplicated help for refugees for years. Since Friday, 4 March, two buses have travelled from Moldova 100 km from the Ukrainian border to Germany on a daily basis; each bus can take between 49 and 77 people to safety. 

Be an Angel e. V. not only accommodates the refugees in Berlin but also uses its extensive network does so in all other federal states. Especially important: Be an Angel helps all refugees. In addition, the association provides medication for hospitals in Odessa, Kyiv and Lviv, some of which continue to function under catastrophic circumstances.

You can also donate to Be an Angel e. V. easily via Facebook here>>.

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At least something in the stomach – sandwiches for first aid and buses to the border
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