Art Sucré As colorful as Easter eggs, as tender as snowflakes


030. 688 144 12

Docura, Zossenerstr. 20
Labsal & Wonne, Zoppoterstr. 7
Barista Coffee, Oderbergerstr. 54
Lauter Eis, Hortensienstr. 12b

I really don’t know why Nina Junghans hides her Patisserie Art Sucré in the isolated area that is Westhafen. The space is not even that great. And yet, her outstanding Macarons that clearly enrich Berlin are so delicious and nice to look at that if she put them on display they would pull as many clients as you might know it from Ladurée in Paris.

This pastry shop - and maybe the movie Marie Antoinette - have made these little french almond pastry so famous around the world. Various little manufacturers in Berlin are trying to produce these little pastel treats, but the production of the perfect Macaron requires such skills that few are able to reach perfect quality.

Nina Junghans from France learned how to make Macarons when she was young and she combines her skill with a lot of creativity and joy to experiment. Following this, she created Macarons such as raspberry-yoghurt, apple-rose or walnut-elderflower as well as savory ones like wasabi-redbeetrute or arrabiata-parmesan.


Of course each one of them is tender and delicious. Additionally there are also tortes and elaborately decorated cookies. You can only get them if you pre-order, or on various Berlin markets. She should really think about opening a store!

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Art Sucré – As colorful as Easter eggs, as tender as snowflakes
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