Zurichsee Connections The Platform for Successful Businesswomen

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Just recently, Maria Flames brought to fruition her promising idea of a platform that brings together talented and successful businesswomen in Switzerland. As dynamic as the Spaniard from Valencia herself, it took barely a few months to bring 'Zurichsee Connections' to life.

Within a very short time many successful businesswomen in Zurich and the surrounding area have made acquaintances with others through 'Zurichsee Connections' and have taken advantage of the exclusive network. In the spirit of its founder, Maria’s motto is "Connection is productivity".

Firstly, the women come across the 'Zurichsee Connections' website, where Maria introduces individual successful women like Kashya Hildebrand, Pascale Mangiardi-Heuberger and Naoko Felder- Kuzu and their portraits. Equally exciting is also the common "ZC " platform on Facebook, which draws members' attention to each other and their business events.

The women from the exclusive network come together not only online, but also in glamorous events organized by Maria. Most recently about 60 members met at the '1st Mixer Art and Wine' event at the Art Gallery of Kashya Hildebrand with wine tasting from 'Vitores & Piris'. Kashya, incidentally, was the first to learn of Maria's idea and it immediately caught fire.

Next on the agenda is the 'Chill out Party' on June 15 in Fischer's Fritz, and the Zurich Film Festival, led by Nadja Schildknecht - also a member of 'Zurichsee Connections'. These events promise a lot of fun, glamour and, of course, networking.

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Zurichsee Connections – The Platform for Successful Businesswomen
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