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Friday, August 21 2015


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Who wouldn't want to avail themselves of a personal stylist for a few hours now and then, offering their unfailing feel for fashion? A classic example is when you stand in front of your wardrobe, once again, "finding nothing to wear". Nothing suitable. Or indeed, the right dress, but lacking matching shoes.

For this there's Helena Knarse from Berlin aka the "Fashion Fräulein" who has been living in Zurich for eight years. For the past four years, the Art and Fashion Design School graduate offers professional Style Consulting and personal shopping. Which usually goes like this: You meet in a café and discuss the key issues. What do you like about yourself? What colors do you prefer? Which star is your idol? "So I can get an idea of the needs and wishes of the client," she says.

Anyone who thinks that the pretty Zürcherin is available only to the well-heeled, is mistaken. "I love the diversity. My clients usually have nothing to do with fashion. And some are conscience of excess pounds – which doesn’t play a role whatsoever." The budgets also vary: some have an excessive shopping spree with exclusive boutiques in mind, while others would prefer to traipse through cheaper department stores in a hurry. "It has nothing to do with money," explains Helena. "Every woman can look good. The point is to highlight their qualities." This also means being honest with size. "Not every woman is a 36. Tight clothing is unflattering."

An hour shopping or style consulting costs 120- CHF. "That sounds like a lot," Helena admits. "But two to three hours is enough. And when you consider how quickly bad purchases are made, good advice is always worthwhile." In fact, she is not a fan of full closets. Spending on the wardrobe twice a year - once in spring and once in autumn - is sufficient.

After three hours at the most of wandering through the shops, the client is usually done. But is then proud owner of a perfectly fitting Deux-Pièces for the new job. Or has the last remaining pregnancy pounds concealed in a new dress. And so that the outfits are also perfect for the future, the Fashion Fräulein sends her clients, on request, photos from the new look. As a nice reminder when one "has nothing to wear" again.

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Fashion Fräulein – The Styling Queen of Zurich
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