Mari’s Metcha Matcha Authentic Japanese Café-Restaurant

Wednesday, September 07 2022

Opening Times

Monday to Sunday 12-22


Mari's Metcha Matcha
Neustiftgasse 7
1070 Vienna-district 7
.How to get there


+43 1 5222115

Today we're taking a detour to Japan - one that could hardly be more authentic. Mari's Metcha Matcha at the foot of Neustiftgasse in Vienna's seventh district ensures that.

Even without a view of Mount Fujiyama, there are plenty references to Japanese food culture: shelves full of antique matcha bowls by traditional ceramic masters, coloured woodblock prints - so-called moku-hanga - on the walls and historical parasols - nodate-gasa - on the ceiling, all of which are also available for purchase.

But once your gaze falls on the menu or on the way to the small, delightful courtyard in the kitchen, the authentic interior becomes secondary. The menu consists mainly of onigiri, Japan's popular triangular snacks for in-between meals, homemade Japanese tapas, bento boxes in all traditional flavours, handmade vegan mentzuyu soup with udon and delicious ramen.

A must-try is the fermented natto tofu, which is a delightful challenge to Western taste buds, and korokke of pumpkin - a kind of croquette that is crispy on the outside and fluffy soft on the inside. A dream!

Of course, the name Mari's Metcha Matcha says it all, and for dessert delicious mochis, often made with traditional organic matcha, are served. The drinks are exclusively Japanese: matcha tea, a variety of  non-alcoholic beverages, beer, Japanese wine and sake, all making you quickly forget you are still in the middle of Vienna!

While matcha has made a name for itself in our part of the world as a hip drink, at Mari's Metcha Matcha everything is reminiscent of its origins. The  Far Eastern medicinal plant, which is dried and ground into powder, has been cultivated to this day thanks to Buddhist monks. How fortunate that this knowledge has founds its way to us and given its name to this pearl among Japanese restaurants in Vienna.

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Mari’s Metcha Matcha – Authentic Japanese Café-Restaurant
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