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Wednesday, December 03 2014

Opening Times

Monday till Wednesday 11.00–18.30
Thursday 11.00-19.30
Friday 11.00-18.30
Saturday 11.00–17.00


Lingeria Macchiato
Neubaugasse 51
1070 Vienna
.How to get there


+43 1 934 65 93

Lingeria Macchiato opened its doors on Neubaugasse in April 2014 and has becoming increasingly popular ever since. To no surprise, however, as owner Kristina Purzner puts great emphasis on customer comfort and offering an easy-to-handle shopping experience. As a former semi-professional dancer she remembers being frustrated many times over the fact that there is practically no affordable lingerie available that will be comfortable yet well-shaped, something which is of great importance in her sport.

And which woman isn't familiar with the following scenario: you're stuck in the fitting room trying on several pieces when there's one you just need in a different size – but there's no salesperson in sight. Exasperating! That, and other common mishaps that she and her friends have gathered are key points Kristina Purzner is trying to improve in order to offer a truly pleasurable lingerie shopping experience.

Soft bathrobes are hung in every fitting room, spacious seating is located all around with enough material to spend your time waiting, too. Coffee is available at the coffee-bar, fresh and homemade. The owner is not only intent on getting women and lingerie together, but also bringing women together. She's a natural networker, so it's no surprise you'll get an invite to one of her in-store events every now and then.

Lingeria Macchiato Wien Sebastian Kaczor Unterwäsche
Lingeria Macchiato Wien Sebastian Kaczor Nähmaschine
Lingeria Macchiato Wien Sebastian Kaczor Interieur
Lingeria Macchiato Wien Sebastian Kaczor Außenansicht

Apart from her lovely store concept, her lingerie is exclusively made in Europe with fabrics from Italy. She collaborates with a Latvian designer and shops directly from her which, in conclusion, impacts the prices as well as the choice of products. She gets to communicate her customers' wishes to her designer, who then, if you're lucky enough, will follow them in one of her next lines. In any case, Kristina is keen on finding solutions for the individual needs of her customers, and with the help of a very capable local tailor she makes their wishes reality.

It never seems to be about business with Kristina, her enthusiasm for beautiful lingerie is just palpable at any given moment. She understands her customer's wishes and needs, listens carefully and provides. I love to come here, get inspired and pampered, ultimately not being able to resist to any of it and never going home empty-handed.

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Lingeria Macchiato – Seductive Lingerie, Relaxed Shopping
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