elfenkleid Magical Design Made in Vienna

Saturday, December 06 2014

Opening Times

Tuesday till Saturday 11.00-18.00


Margaretenstraße 39
1040 Vienna-district 4
.How to get there


+43 1 2085241

elfenkleid is the German expression for 'pixie’s dress' – that name alone will lure you in. I had heard of designers Sandra Thaler and Annette Prechtl long before I arrived in Vienna. Thinking of their designs, I always had images of fairylike, playful and soft flowing dresses in mind. But my expectations were actually exceeded once I arrived on site in their studios on Margaretenstraße.

A small showroom with ready-to-wear examples is situated right in front of the studio. And that is what it once all began with, as lovely Sandra Thaler told me: ready-to-wear. The focus on bridal wear was a late result. These fairylike dresses completely stand out against any conventional ornated bridal dress. They’re different – and breathtaking!

There are three types of bridal dresses available: *the black & white series produced in three sizes s, m and l, all with the same initial excess length where customers may decide on colour and individual length to make it their dress of dreams. Countless examples are displayed in the showroom and invite potential brides to try them on.

Elfenkleid Brautmode Mode Wien Geschäft
Elfenkleid Brautmode Mode Wien Hochzeitskleid mit Schleier
Elfenkleid Brautmode Mode Wien Hochzeitskleid
Elfenkleid Brautmode Mode Wien Kleid mit Kragen
Elfenkleid Brautmode Mode Wien rosa Kleid
Elfenkleid Brautmode Mode Wien graues Kleid
Elfenkleid Brautmode Mode Wien gelber Overall
Elfenkleid Brautmode Mode Wien gelber Rock und grauer Pullover
Elfenkleid Brautmode Mode Wien gelbe Strickjacke

The second dress category called *black & white edition is elfenkleid's made to measure line to be customized individually to the future bride's needs. Third, the supreme category, offers completely custom-made bridal wear individually designed by the two designers on demand of the sophisticated bride.

Apart from bridal wear, however, these two designers also offer fashion for everyday purposes. Which is why, naturally, I have not been able to resist one small purchase for every visit that I’ve paid to their lovely boutique so far. My highlight was a summer favorite – a cream coloured, cowl-neck blouse. Now that it’s getting colder, it’s all about the wool dresses and overalls in any nuance imaginable.

I am truly swept away by the versatility of their fashion that can be worn differently every time thanks to thoughtful details such as smart belt loops. So whatever the occasion, a visit at elfenkleid and the magic you’ll feel is always worthwhile.

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