Gummistiefelhaus Bye Bye, Wet Feet

Wednesday, September 21 2016

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 3.00 pm - 6.30 pm
Saturday: 10.00 am - 5.00 pm


Strozzigasse 1
1080 Vienna-district 8
.How to get there


+43 1 4026592

I’d heard of it before: a house full of wellies in Vienna. And since the arrival of my little four-legged companion, waterproof shoes- and clothing- have become absolute essentials.

And so I visit Gerhild Vanis in her Gummistiefelhaus- and it’s incredibly fascinating. "Palace" would be a more fitting term. The impressive, airy store with giant white lighting fixtures and floor-to-ceiling windows is an El Dorado for anyone who wants to brave the rain- and do so with style.

Wellies and raincoats don’t need to be boring, which the owner proves on an unbelievable 250 sqm sales area. If you don’t strike gold here, it’s your own fault. It certainly wouldn’t be due to a lack of variety.

How does one decide to open a store for rainboots, I ask the streetwise businesswoman. She smiles, explaining that she’d always been an active part of the fashion sector. After selling her ladies dress stores, a chance encounter brought her next inspiration: on the search for chic wellingtons with a heel, she just couldn’t find the right pair.

Gummistiefelhaus Wien Laden
Gummistiefelhaus Wien Gummistiefel

The thoroughbred retailer redirected her focus to where she thought the future lies: a proper one-line store! One location, no online shopping, a large selection, and professional consultation. The concept has been fruitful. The Viennese can’t get Gummistiefelhaus out of their minds. Tourists flock to it.

She devoted one year to preparation and research, leaving nothing to chance. She finally made it in June 2015, opening her wonderfully unique store a way’s apart from the larger shopping area.

From colourful children’s rain clothes to women’s shoes, from fine jackets to casual men’s boots- the selection is enormous and always stylish. Everything that protects from the rain, in every shape and colour, from sporty and practical to elegant. I’m drawn to the Italian boots of a rubber-leather mix; it’s hard to believe that they actually keep your feet dry.

Brazil dominates the summer styles as the weather there is so warm and humid. You can even find pumps made of synthetic material. Most of the items here are, however, made of natural rubbers- each producer has developed their own secret blend. There are even vegan options available.

My heart is set on a very chic trench coat that may not look at all waterproof, and not even typical Northern German rain jackets - years back named as somewhat like "Frisian furs" - are missing.

I even stumble across a good old-fashioned bootjack and can’t believe they still make these! Accessories and care products are also an important part of a proper specialty store! Great concept and always worth a visit!

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