Landtmann’s Jausen Station Feasting like the emperor

Wednesday, August 02 2023

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Opened from March to October!

Monday to Friday: 10:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am - 9:00pm


Landtmann's Jausen Station
Schloß Schönbrunn
Schönbrunner Schloßstraße
1130 Vienna-district 13
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+43 1 24 100 380

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What used to be reserved for the nobility is now fortunately open to all: Crown Prince Garden is the name of the part in the northeast of the Schönbrunn Palace complex where the romantic Landtmann's Jausen Station is located. Where the crown princes and princesses used to play, today, the whole world can enjoy savoury and sweet snack delicacies.

Anyone who has walked extensively through Schönbrunn Palace Gardens, perhaps climbed the Gloriette, from where you can see far across the whole city, has definitely earned a break! - Fortunately, Landtmann's Jausen Station is in the middle of the historic park.

In 2013, the Querfeld family, who run the legendary Café Landtmann opposite the town hall in the city centre, took over the historic garden pavilion in the east of the park. Now you can sit between green hedges, under shady treetops and colourful garlands and enjoy sweet and savoury treats.

These come, of course, from the in-house Landtmann bakery: Classics like Sachertorte, Kardinalschnitte and apple strudel, but also modern creations like cheesecake or vegan mango cake (in addition to vegan, there are also numerous lactose- and gluten-free options).

You can also follow in the footsteps of the emperor and order a Kaiserschmarrn (pancake), which comes fluffy in a Pfandl. Even Emperor Franz Joseph is said to have enjoyed the Schmarrn named after him after a long walk through the palace gardens.

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Savoury cravings are also satisfied at Landtmann's Jausen Station. Thanks to Brettljausen, salads and a few warm main courses such as Schinkenfleckerl - down-to-earth, regional feel-good cuisine. Breakfast is also served all day.

The restaurant is only open in the warmer months, from March to October. So there are all kinds of refreshing drinks (homemade lemonades, iced tea, spritzes and wines), but also something to keep you warm - in case it does get chilly.

The interior of the wooden pavilion (glazed all around) is also very cosy. And in case it's too hot or stormy to go for a walk: Landtmann's Jausen Station is not far from the Meidlinger entrance gate, in the northeast of the palace park. So you can also go straight for a snack and simply enjoy the excellent food and the view of the park.

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