Jumi Pop-Up Raclette To Go

Wednesday, January 25 2023

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Tuesday to Friday: 11:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 4:30pm


Jumi (Popup In der Schelato Eisdiele)
Schleifmühlgasse 11
1040 Vienna-district 4
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+43 1 961 9868

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What the ice-filled stanitzel is in summer, is replaced in the winter... by the crispy roasted raclette sandwich! As long as it's wet and cold outside, the Schelato branch in Schleifmühlgasse is stocked by Jumi. If you like cheese, you can't miss "Jumiversum" in Vienna: the best raw milk from the Emmental mountains, transformed into the finest cheese specialities, sold with fun and passion.

The Swiss origin explains why raclette cheese at Jumi is not only available in the classic version, but also in 18 other flavours: From chilli to saffron, the offer (which changes depending on availability) ranges.

The freshly cut slices are placed on crusty rolls, melted under the grill and garnished with sour pickled vegetables (from the Wildling kitchen). Sour and creamy, crispy, hot and greasy - the perfect winter snack!

In addition to raclette sandwiches, cheese packs for the home raclette table are also available on-site, as well as other cheesy delicacies and accompaniments such as mustard. However, you must be very strong-willed to leave the shop, which smells temptingly of melted cheese, with only your shopping bag (and without a raclette roll in your hand).


The employee recommends port wine pepper: it heats things up - in keeping with the temperatures. His favourite? He says it depends on the day. He has tried them all, of course. "And even though I eat them every day, I still have a craving for them," he says and slides a roll under the grill for himself.

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