Supersense Palace of Analogue Wonders

Wednesday, August 12 2015

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Monday till Wednesday 10:00-19:00
Thursday till Friday 10:00-22:00
Saturday 10:00-17:00
Monday till Friday 11:00-19:00
Saturday 11:00-17:00


Praterstraße 70
1020 Vienna-district 2
.How to get there


+43 1 9690832

I am astounded at how the team behind Supersense successfully manages to deliver a new sensual surprise whenever I go in. Having opened just over a year ago, they have already established their location as an institution for lovers of the extraordinary. As the only building to ever be built according to the city's late 19th century plans to rebuild Venice in this part of town, the Dogenhof alone is endlessly magnificent. When the complex's owner started renovation on this heritage-protected site, the ideal Supersense location was born.

Why Supersense? Nina, alias Mary Poppins, tells me about meeting Florian and "Lexi" early on at Lomografen where it all started through the common love for analogue Russian photography, followed by the will to rescue Polaroids. Florian "Doc" Kaps decided to buy all remains of said enterprise when it was already thought dead. It's a long story but it ends with a new company named IMPOSSIBLE continuing to produce instant films and distributing them, among others, via Supersense.

Supersense Store Wien Interieur
Supersense Store Wien Cafe
Supersense Store Wien Gastraum
Supersense Store Wien Cafe mit Tresen
Supersense Store Wien Innenraum
Supersense Store Wien Shop
Supersense Store Wien Sekretär
Supersense Store Wien Instrumente
Supersense Store Wien Lampen

Apart from their passion for analogue photography and music, they also share a culinary appreciation, a weakness for good regional food & high-quality drinks if you will. They found a butcher from Tulln who would try out new things according to their recipes, making, for example, the "rosemary knuckle" one of their staples. The wines are brought in from small wineries, the beer comes from Tyrol and is fittingly called "Bierol", while the coffee is roasted in Carinthia. All manufacturers and cooperators are carefully selected and just as passionate about their involvement.

Those who are in the right mood can record their own 90-second-single in the refurbished lift cage or do an entire album take in the analogue recording studio. For the passionate listeners like me there's an exquisite record store, as well as the necessary equipment for the best sound at home and on the go. Instead of your parents usual record player, you'll find posh, modern players.

Two enthusiastic printing experts are constantly working on unique postcard designs, printed via letterpress on site. A calligrapher is available to write out a poem for your loved one or a quick birthday card, as well as dedications on the surface of your choice. Your creativity is limitless here! They even have one of only 5 remaining giant Polaroid cameras in store that'll print out your picture ready to hang, sized 20x24''. Now tell me that isn't something!

The most recent, revolutionary addition: Norwegian olfactory expert Sissel Tolaas' “Smell Memory Kit”, designed to let you combine fragrances until you find the scent you want to remember and capture it in a bottle for moments of yearning. This experience alone is worth a trip!

If you make it, you can rent a two-wheeler while you're here and discover the Prater area by bike, entirely analogue, with an optional picnic-basket from the delicacies shop. Make sure to be back in time though because you might just wanna participate in one of the workshops, the wine tasting or just be early enough to meet the DJs. Music is played every Thursday from 17.17h through 22.22h, on Vinyl, naturally. Taste, smell, feel, hear, see you there!

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